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Holiday Greetings - Details
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We thought our visitors would like a closer look at some of the details from the "Questmas card" that may not have been obvious or even possible to see in the card. So here are some details about the gifts seen scattered about the scene.

First, the very cool "Robot Spy Remote Control Robot" that has the attention of the boys (and Bandit) was actually built by Dr. Quest as a surprise for the boys. He'd been tinkering with miniaturized components recently, and thought this would make for a good fun demonstration of what could be done. Race convinced the good doctor to also make a mock-up of the Para-Power Ray device which, although it isn't shown in the image on the card, has a button on the control panel of the model that sends a low-power laser out through the turret for "realistic action" play.
Both Dr. Quest and Race received a pair of skis (at no charge!) from Pasha in recognition of their fine skiing skills demonstrated during their adventure in the Indian countryside outside of Calcutta. It is not known if the skis are the same ones our heroes used, or if they are actually new pairs of skis.
Jonny and Hadji made these mugs as part of their lessons in the craft of pottery-making (using techniques practiced by the Central American native tribe they encountered in "Treasure of the Temple"). While Race and Dr. Quest oversaw the actual lessons in which clay pots were made, the boys decided to secretly create the mugs. Dr. Quest's says "World's Best Dad" while Race's reads "World's Best Tutor."
Jade sent Race a hand-framed photograph with a personally-written sentiment on it.
Emil and Drena Hartman surprised Dr. Quest with a rare "war-shield" mask from the deadly Po-Ho tribe.
Race has also unwrapped a present from Julio ("Shadow of the Condor") - an aviator's helmet and goggles, along with a dapper scarf for those cold-air open-cockpit flights.
There are quite a few presents left under the tree -- who knows what else was enjoyed by the family at this holiday celebration. For sure, we know it was a "'Merry Questmas"!

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