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An animated series is, by definition, rich in visual imagery. And Jonny Quest was a ground-breaking series, offering realistically-rendered scenes and characters that made it a favorite of adults and kids alike! And it is obvious that the images seen on the "small screen" still inspire artists to create their own versions and interpretations of those images.

But, not all contributions are images; at least not in the way we usually think of them. Fans also submit written words that evoke images in our minds, and create their own action figures. There seems to be no real limit to the creative power of a Jonny Quest fan!

Select a link below to see what some Classic JQ fans have created and shared with us, and also some information about our fans!

How do I submit art/stories/audio/video/pictures of my creations?

If you have something you'd like to share with us, please follow the instructions and guidelines shown below.

  • Send your contribution to Lyle with the contribution included as an e-mail attachment
  • In your e-mail, please specify a subject line that contains the words "fan submission for website"
  • To keep the size of the attachments as small as possible, and to keep my mail server from stripping away suspicious-looking attachments, please send your contribution in the form of a "zip," "tar," "gz/gzip" or other compressed archive format. If I cannot open the format you send, I may ask for information about how I should proceed.
  • Entries should directly relate to the classic 1964-65 show. Any character, scene, or event from any of the episodes can be represented. Extrapolation and interpretation of the same are also acceptable, as long as they fit within the rest of these guidelines.
  • Artwork and prose must fit the motif of the show. That is, it should generally be G-rated in nature; no excessive or gratuitous violence, cursing, or mature content. For those considering submission of a story (whether in text, audio or video form), specific guidelines can be found here. Similar guidelines for artwork apply.
  • Please include in your e-mail the title of the work, or state it is "untitled" if there is no title.
  • Please include in your e-mail any additional information about how you came to create the submitted item. Was it something someone asked you to do? What was your inspiration? For artwork, include data on the size and type of media used, and any other information you think fans would like to know.
  • If you have a link to a website that points to more of your work (art, writing, etc.) please feel free to send it along. Note, however, that before the link is posted, the site will be reviewed. No sites with "adult" content will be posted, as our visitors can range from old geezers like myself down to teens and even pre-teens.
  • If there are any questions or issues that need to be resolved before the contribution can be posted on the website, I will contact the sender to work things out. In no case will the submission be edited by anyone except the sender, although I may send suggestions for alteration which the sender is free to implement or disregard. Any decision as to whether a contribution gets posted on the website or not rests completely with the website owners.

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