Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures
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Jonny Quest, it seems, just won't go away. Even after the dismal failure of The New Adventures of Jonny Quest series that aired from 1986 to early 1987, fans wanted more. Finally, after nearly ten long years, they were rewarded with "Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures", which updated the show into the 90's. While technically no longer "classic" Jonny Quest, this show did acknowledge it's debt to the earlier 1964 series in many ways, especially during its second season. Alas, it only lasted two seasons, even when the third season was much anticipated for its expected return to even more classic-like themes and storylines.

As of November 2015, all 52 of the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest have been released on DVD. Season 1 episodes were released in two volumes, while the second season was released in a single volume. Check your favorite retailers for availability and prices.

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