Classic Jonny Quest
Arctic Splashdown Cels

Dr. Quest
This is a cel from the scene near the end of the episode as Dr. Quest makes his escape from the about-to-explode rocket, but nearly slips off the edge of the catwalk. (see episode screen grab at right) Dr. Quest image size is 2.75 x 6.5 inches; the entire cel measures 10.5 x 12.5 inches. (image courtesy Joel Elkins)
Also, here's a link to a slightly different cel from the same scene; note the slightly different expression on Dr. Quest's face. (Courtesy of Van Eaton Galleries).

Race Bannon
This cel is from the scene where Race is getting ready to chuck the grenade Bandit found off their ship before it explodes (see screen grab at right). (images courtesy "CJQ Friend")

Jonny Quest
Hand-inked and hand-painted production cel of Jonny Quest from the "Arctic Splashdown" episode on a hand-painted production background from the "The Shadow of the Condor" episode (see screen grab at right).

Joe Tumminelli writes:"[T]he reason that a cel is sometimes placed on a background from a different episode is really a matter of marketing. Since cels from this series are hard to find, it is sometimes difficult in matching a cel with the same episode, especially when only one dealer's inventory is involved. Therefore, when a dealer finds a background, he has two choices; he can either try to sell it on its own (not always easy if the background is not too exciting, as in this case), or he can use it as the background to a cel he has in inventory, thereby increasing the cel's perceived value, and thus its price. In other words, the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts."
This cel shows the scene where the bad guys force Jonny and Hadji to wave to the air patrol overhead as if nothing is wrong. Too bad the airmen can't see Jonny's face! Notice that Jonny's waving arm does not appear in this cel. (image courtesy Mark Morehead)

Hadji character cel on background containing a head model for Hadji.(image courtesy Joe Tumminelli.) This is from the scene where the bad guys force the boys to act as if nothing wrong when the air cover flies overhead. (see episode screen grab at right)

Here are similar cels of Hadji in this episode.

This cel is from the scene where the diver attempting to eliminate Dr. Quest has returned to his raft after failing with the dart gun (see screen grab at right). His next attempt with a grenade will go even less well.

Dr. Quest at table
From the scene where Race and Dr. Quest are discussing why the rocket went off course, and what might wait for them at the crash site (see episode screen grab at right) ( Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying this cel's location!)

The submariner listens intently to his captains orders. This cel is from the scene where the crew of the enemy sub following the Quest expedition is making plans to torpedo the Quest's ship.

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