Classic Jonny Quest
A Small Matter of Pygmies Cels

The Pygmies
This cel shows several of the pygmies on the rampage (see top episode screen grab at right). Note that this arrangement of pygmies is used a number of times in the episode, and sometimes in a horizontally flipped orientation (see bottom screen grab at right), apparently to show pygmies attacking from both sides of the hill.

If you look carefully at the top screen grab, you'll see the pygmies in the cel behind the two pygmies in the front center of the image. They show up better in the "flipped" version of the scene shown in the bottom image.

(image courtesy Joe Tumminelli)

This cel is from the scene where Hadji is levitating the pygmy chief, much to the chief's dismay. The cel image shows Hadji being distracted when Jonny trips and drops the pygmy spears, just before the chief is unceremoniously dropped to the ground (see episode screen grab at right).

Misc. cels from the episode
Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying the episodes for many of these cels, including the time code for the scenes where they appear!

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