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Classic Jonny Quest
The Dreadful Doll Cels

Jonny and Hadji

This is from the scene where the boys leave to go scuba diving. (see screen grab at right). (images courtesy "CJQ Friend")

Below are three more cels (courtesy Scotty Phillips) from the same scene; these cels show the dive sequence. Scotty created the background for these cels (boat, Bandit, etc.) to appear as if the cels were clipped from a reel of film.

Race Bannon #1
This cel is from the scene where Race goes scuba diving in search of the sub that Jonny and Hadji claim to have seen (see screen grab at right). Race's image size is 6.5 by 3.5 inches.

This cel is from the same scene as above, just a second or so later (see screen grab at right) as Race jumps off the boat.

Race Bannon #2
This cel is from the collection of Dick Baker, who writes:

"I work in the graphic arts trade and the creative design artist at work is drawing up a submarine background to fit Race's position. I think it will show it off nicely. Oddly, it is in fact three cels, one of his arm, one of the torso and head and one of the hips and legs. Only animate what you have to for the scene I guess."

Race's image size is 7 by 5 inches. The cel is from the scene shown at right, where Race and the boys leave the underground base in a "borrowed" sub.

Race Bannon #3
This cel is from the scene where Korbay is about to meet the business end of a two-by-four (seen here being pushed by Race to prevent Korbay from shooting Hadji.) (see episode screen grab at right). (image courtesy Joe Tumminelli)

Here is a slightly different cel from the same scene; also with a different autograph.

Race Bannon #4 and #5
This cel is from the same scene as above, just prior to the frame shown above (see episode screen grab at right).

And here's another cel from the same scene, from a frame just prior to the one above.

Race Bannon #6
This cel is from the scene where Race rushes to the railing of the Quest's ship in hopes of catching Korbay, who has visited during the night, leaving a voodoo doll as a warning to Dr. Quest. (see episode screen grab at right) (image courtesy Joe Tumminelli)

Misc. cels from the episode
Here are some additional cels from the episode; screen grabs to follow. Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying the episodes for many of these cels, including the time code for the scenes where they appear!

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