Classic Jonny Quest
The Invisible Monster Cels

Jonny and Hadji
This image of Jonny and Hadji running along the beach at Palm Key toward the VERTOL plane's lift-off pad has been superimposed on a background image of unknown origin. (image courtesy Joe Tumminelli.) (see episode screen grab at right)

The Energy Monster
This is a production animation cel of the energy monster from a classic episode of the original Jonny Quest series. Although the image is small (1-5/8 in. by 2-1/8 in.) it is a great shot of the monster in all its glory. It's painted with transparent paint on acetate. The image is on the right hand side of the cell and has been scanned against black to show it off better. The cel shows the energy monster (no longer invisible) in a scene much like the one shown in the episode screen grab at right.

The "monster boys"
Jonny and Hadji try to teach Bandit a lesson; it doesn't work. Screen grabs to follow.

Misc. cels from the episode
Here are some additional cels from the episode; screen grabs to follow. Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying the episodes for many of these cels, including the time code for the scenes where they appear!

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