Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Paint-/Pencil-/Crayon-By-Number Sets

These coloring sets are extremely rare, either due to low distribution or the fact that it was in their nature to be used. We aren't sure how many images were included in each set, but see below for some photographs.

Jonny Quest Paint-By-Number

Jonny Quest Paint-By-Number coloring set
Made by Transogram. Notice the plastic palette that holds the paints. There are eight colors around the edge and eight mixing wells in the center.

Jonny Quest Crayon-By-Number and Stencil Set

Jonny Quest Crayon-By-Number coloring set
Made by Transogram, 1965. This is a scan from an ad in the Jan. 1996 issue of Baby Boomers Collectibles magazine. This very nice color photo of most of the cover came from movieserialtvbook.
Jonny Quest Crayon-By-Number coloring set, color

Jonny Quest Pencil-By-Number

Jonny Quest Pencil-By-Number coloring set

1964, by Transogram. The box comes with 6 colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. It doesn't list on the box how many pictures are included, but does state that there are a "genereous supply of pictures to color".

Here are (at least some of) the uncolored drawings from the pencil-by-number set. The images were taken from an eBay ad of all six on a bed, with a lot of angular distortion, which we've cleaned up as best we can. At least you get an idea of what the pictures looked like.

Race pores over a chart during rough seas.
Bandit is lowered on a rope to Jonny in a cargo bay.
"Bandit and his friends."

Someone in the bathysphere, probably Dr. Quest.
Dr. Quest and the L.A.S.E.R.
Race and the boys in a jungle.

And here's the flattened box that was sold with the pictures, showing all four sides:

The text in the white box on the long sides reads:

Such easy fun to match colors and numbers!
For rainy days and relaxing quiet-time play!
Develops a child's sense of color, line and form!
Jonny Quest Pencil By Number Coloring Set (box)

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