Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (45 RPM version)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

(45 version)

[Side 1]

Narrator: At Dr. Quest laboratories on one of the Florida Keys, Jonny Quest is reading a very exciting story out loud to a very excited listener, his dog, Bandit.
Jonny: ...And just as the giant squid was crushing Capt. Nemo with one of his trememndous tentacles, one of the crewmen of the atomic submarine, Nautilus, grabbed a big axe...
Dr. Quest: Hi Jonny, how would you like to go on a little expedition with Race and me?
Jonny: Thanks, but not now Dad. I have to finish this book. Boy, is it ever terrific!
Dr. Quest: Okay. Race and I, we're just going out and try out my new diving bell. Well... I'll see you later, Jonny. And don't forget your homework.
Jonny: Wait Dad! Did you say diving bell?
Dr. Quest: Sure. You know, the deep sea exploring sphere I've been working on? I think it will go down further than anyone has ever gone before.
Jonny: Boy! Its sounds like real fun! Can I go?
Dr. Quest: Sure, perfectly safe. Get your things together. Race and I will be down at the research ship. But hurry!
Bandit: Bark! Bark!
[change scene music]
Race: Hi Jonny. So you decided to make the trip with us, huh?
Jonny: Sure Race. I wouldn't want to miss seeing a new world record dive, would I?
Race: Who would, Jonny? Hurry up and get aboard. We're shoving off in a minute.
Dr. Quest: Okay Race! Up anchor! We're getting on our way. Jonny give Race a hand with the anchor winch. Might as well learn how to be a good sailor.
Jonny: Okay Dad! I mean, "Aye, aye Sir!"
[the "triumphant" CJQ underscore here... the one with the brass instruments that sounds like a march, and sound effects of a ship starting to sail off]
Jonny: Boy, nothing like heading out for the open sea! Where are we going Dad?
Dr. Quest: We're heading for Lost Canyon, Jonny.
Jonny: Lost Canyon?!? In the ocean?
Dr. Quest: That's right. The ocean floor isn't all flat. There high mountains and deep canyons from the bottom of the ocean. Lost Canyon was just discovered early this year. Findings indicate that it might be... 36,000 feet deep. [low beeping/buzzing sound effects, like telegraph sounds] Uh-oh, its my hotline to Washington. Wonder what's up. Dr. Quest on the research ship, "Sea Quest", come in DC-037. Come in.
DC-O37: DC-037, calling Dr. Quest. One of our atomic subs ran into trouble. And the crew had to abandon ship.
Dr. Quest: Too bad. Anyone lost?
DC-O37: : No. All hands were picked up by patrol planes. But the sub sank before the nuclear reactor could be neutralized. We've got to locate that sub before enemy agents find it.
Dr. Quest: Right sir. I'm sure there are lots of people who will be interested in that atomic engine. Where did the sub go down?
DC-O37: : Site at longitude 72 degrees, 30 minutes. Longitude at 30 degrees, 15 minutes.
Dr. Quest: Well... that's not far from our position. We should make it there before the Navy can get to the scene.
Jonny: Boy, sounds exciting, huh Bandit?
Bandit: BARK! BARK!
[forboding underscore music]
Dr. Quest: Well Race... according to my navigation, this is about where the sub is lost.
Race: I'll break out the gear and place the diving bell into position.
Jonny: Can I go with you, Dad?
Dr. Quest: Okay. I could use a little help reading the instruments.
Jonny: Come on Bandit, hop in. We're going to the bottom of the sea!
Bandit: BARK! BARK!
Dr. Quest: Okay Race. As soon as I close the safety hatch, lower away!
[sound effect of a metal door closing]
Race: Down she goes.
[forboding underscore music, splashing sounds, and beeping sonar sounds]
Dr. Quest: Jonny, look! We're picking up something on the sonar scope.
Jonny: What is it Dad? The lost sub?
Dr. Quest: No... But whatever it is... its moving.
Jonny: Dad! LOOK! That... That thing... whatever it is... its getting bigger and BIGGER!
Dr. Quest: It sure is, Jonny. Its bigger than anything I ever saw come out of the sea! Including blue whales. The sonar scope indicates that... thing... whatever it is... is going up... toward the surface. I'll see if I can follow it all the way.
Jonny: Still see it Dad?
Dr. Quest: Mmmm... not anymore Jonny. I lost it.
Jonny: Dad LOOK! What's that over there?!?!
Dr. Quest: It looks the hulk of a ship... No... there's markings on the hull... It's the lost sub! I'll get hold of Race. Calling the "Sea Quest", come in Race.
Race: What's up Doctor? You sound excited.
Dr. Quest: I am. We sighted the sunken atomic sub. [tapping sound of radioactive meter] Race... the reactor must have a leak in it... I'm... I'm picking up radiation.
Race: How much?
Dr. Quest: Not enough to be dangerous yet. But we better notify the Navy at once!
Race: Roger. I'll contact Washington right away... DR. QUEST!
Dr. Quest: What is it Race?
Race: I... I don't know... be afraid to guess... [forboding underscore music]
Dr. Quest: Race! What's up?
Race: Its... Its some kind of a beast! It surfaced right off at the starboard bow. I... It's INCREDIBLE!
Dr. Quest: Race! Get hold of yourself! Now, what does it look like?
Race: I was afraid you'd ask that Doctor. You wouldn't believe it if I told you, long tentacles... THIRTY FEET LONG! Why it looks like... Doctor! DOCTOR! It's heading for the Sea Quest!
[danger music, and gunshots]
Dr. Quest: Race! Race! Are you there?
Jonny: What is it Dad? What's happening? Where's Race?
Dr. Quest: I don't know Jonny... From the description that Race gave... it sounded like... A giant squid!
Jonny: A giant squid! A sea monster?
Dr. Quest: That must be the thing we picked up on the sonar scope! The bright light scared it... so it surfaced.
Jonny: But what about Race?
Dr. Quest: Well... I hope that he's all right. I don't know. [rush of breath] Come in Race! Race! Do you hear me? Are you all right Race?
Jonny: Hurry Dad! Let's surface and see about Race!
Dr. Quest: That's just it Jonny. We can't surface without Race. He's handling the controls!
[end of side 1]
[start of side 2]
[start music]
Jonny: What are we gonna do Dad?
Dr. Quest: Maybe Race is all right. Maybe he'll call us in a minute
Jonny: Boy, I hope he's all right. Dad... LISTEN! The sonar scope is acting up! LOOK!
Dr. Quest: Same thing we saw before
Jonny: I wonder what kind of a thing it is!
Dr. Quest: I don't know Jonny, but whatever it is... its getting mighty close
Dr. Quest: Take it easy Jonny. It's some kind of a deep sea creature
Jonny: That eye! It look like... like... like... A GIANT squid!
Dr. Quest: If the rest of that monster is as big as that eye indicates... it could be some kind of a giant squid!
Jonny: I'm just glad that we're in here and he's out there.
Dr. Quest: I'll try again to contact Race. Maybe he's back at the controls. Race. Come in Race. Dr. Quest calling Race Bannon.
Race: Dr. Quest.
Dr. Quest: Race! Are you all right?
Race: Not bad Doctor. Just got a bit battered. Fighting that... that thing.
Dr. Quest: What was it Race?
Race: All I saw was a... a huge head. What looked like a thousand long tentacles. They were all over the ship.
Dr. Quest: That giant squid all right.
Race: You saw it too? I thought I was seeing things.
Dr. Quest: Its right here, staring at us in the face now. Luckily it's outside, and we're inside.
Race: Stand by Doctor. I'll start the winch and pull you up.
Dr. Quest: Okay, Race. Not to fast. Easy does it. We wouldn't want to snap the cable.
Jonny: Dad Look! That giant squid is wrapping itself around the Nautilus!
Dr. Quest: Now don't get excited Jonny. We'll figure a way out of this. Somehow.
Jonny: We better! And fast!
Race: Hang on Doctor. [sound of pulleys turning and cables running] I've started the winch motor and we'll start raising the Nautilus.
Dr. Quest: Good work Race. But remember... Not too fast.
Race: I'll be careful, Sir.
[motor dies, danger music]
Jonny: Dad! What happened?
Dr. Quest: I don't know. What is it Race? Something wrong?
Race: I'm afraid so, Sir. That monster fouled up the main cable. I can't pull the Nautilus up another inch. How deep are you Doctor?
Dr. Quest: Well we're at a little over 200 feet Race.
Race: What's that giant squid up to?
Dr. Quest: Still wrapped around the diving bell. I think he likes it because it's warm.
Race: Well... somethings got to give. And QUICK! You only got enough oxygen to last 10 more minutes. And I can't pull you up 'til the cables are untangled. I'm going to get my scuba outfit. And try to untangle the cables.
Dr. Quest: But Race, that giant squid is as big as barn! You wouldn't have a chance!
Race: Maybe. But nobody has a chance now. I think with my new gear, I could go down that deep.
Dr. Quest: I don't like it. It will take a torpedo to stop that giant squid. Been fairly peaceful right up to now. But if he decides to fight, we've all had it.
Race: I don't have much choice Doctor. I'd much rather do something rather than wait... for the end. I'll try out your new spear gun.
[start music]
Jonny: Dad... the giant squid... he's moving!
Dr. Quest: He must have spotted Race!
Jonny: There he is! There's Race! I can see him!
Dr. Quest: Yes Jonny. That giant squid sees him too.
Jonny: LOOK! The squid's grabbing at Race with that long tentacle. RACE LOOK OUT!
Dr. Quest: He can't hear you Jonny.
Jonny: And WE can't hear HIM!
Dr. Quest: We can turn on the outside mike, but it wouldn't do much good.
[turn on mike, water activity sound effects]
Jonny: Dad LOOK! The squid's got Race! [squid sound] Dad! What was that?
Dr. Quest: It must be that squid. I never heard such a sound before.
Jonny: Isn't there anything we can do?
Dr. Quest: I'm afraid not Jonny. All we can do is... hope for the best...
[squid noise]
Jonny: What a horrible sound!
Dr. Quest: Sound... Say... That gives me an idea!
Jonny: Like what Dad?
Dr. Quest: Just a shot at the dark Jonny, but it might work!
Jonny: What might work?
Dr. Quest: Sonar! Sound!
Jonny: What do you mean Dad?
Dr. Quest: Well... our sonar device sends out high frequency sounds.
Jonny: I know.
Dr. Quest: Now some animals like dogs for instance, can't stand high frequency sounds. It hurts their ears.
Jonny: But I don't see any ears on that giant squid.
Dr. Quest: It may work. I'll send out sonar sounds at different frequencies, one of them might hit that squid right between the eyes. Hold your hands over Bandit's ears so that it won't hurt him.
Jonny: Okay Dad. Come on Bandit. Is it doing any good yet?
Dr. Quest: Can't tell yet. The squid is still hanging onto Race.
Jonny: BUT LOOK! He's shaking his head!
Dr. Quest: Its beginning to work! We hit a frequency that seems to be getting through to him!
Jonny: He's loosing his grip on Race!
Dr. Quest: Now Race can back off far enough to get a shot of that squid out of his spear gun.
Jonny: I hope he doesn't miss.
Dr. Quest: Race seldom misses, Jonny.
[sound of spear gun & squid]
Jonny: Dad! I think Race hit the target! Look! The giant squid's leaving.
Dr. Quest: Good work Race! Now untangle the cables and we're on our way up.
Jonny: (sigh of relief) Not a second too soon. I could use a little oxygen myself.
Dr. Quest: Now, now relax Jonny. The worst is over.
[triumphant happy ending music]
Dr. Quest: Well Jonny, the Navy's got the information they need to salvage the atomic sub. And we're set to sail for home. So I guess you can get back to reading your book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Jonny: No thanks Dad. Anything that Capt. Nemo does now will seem dull after what we've been through this afternoon. Right Bandit?
[end of side 2]

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