Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Action/Collectible Figures

Playing Mantis Unproduced "Captain Action" Costumes from 1999

This display case for Captain Action items was photographed in 1999. The display item in the lower right, has two silhouetted figures with question marks over their heads. The figures are Dr. Quest and Race Bannon, hinting that masks and costumes of JQ characters were in the works -- but never materialized.

Jonny and Hadji would have been released as masks and costumes for the "Kid Action" figure. You can see an example here in the Speed Racer set.

Silhouettes of JQ figures actually made it onto Captain Action and Dr. Evil boxes that were sold in stores. Again, the Captain Action silhouettes are Dr. Quest and Race Bannon. The one on the Dr. Evil box is Dr. Zin. This next image was taken from a page on, which has a little more information about the Jonny Quest effort.

Playing Mantis Unproduced Figures from 2000

Playing Mantis images are © 2000, Small Blue Planet, and much of the information about the figures came from their "Toy Fair 2000" web pages, except as noted below.

The lowdown on the series

There is a popular series of action figures under the name "Captain Action," which feature carefully sculpted figures and a wide variety of costumes and uniforms that turn these rather generic figures into numerous popular super-heros and other action figures.

Playing Mantis had planned to release a new series of figures similar to the "Captain Action" concept, but they've cranked it up a notch -- introducing the Classic Jonny Quest cast! What made these different is that each figure apparently was made based on the 1964 model sheets for that character, which would've made these action figures truly exciting and extremely collectable!

Rumors were flying fast and furious all during 1999 and 2000, but, as of this writing (in September 2005) things have unfortunately not worked out for Playing Mantis with respect to the classic Jonny Quest offerings. This is very disheartening for classic JQ fans!

Here are some photos from "Raving Toy Maniac" and photos from the Toy Fair.

Funko Pop! Jonny Quest and Hadji Figures from 2020

In July 2020, Funko offered a limited edition of Jonny Quest and Hadji figures exclusively on its online store. There were reports of issues with the website, but the sets quickly sold out.

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