Classic Jonny Quest
Promotional Art: 1986 Hadji Saves Jonny

This 1986 publicity artwork is a reworking of some vintage artwork, seen in part on one of the Milton Bradley puzzle boxes. It was inspired by a scene in the classic episode, "Calcutta Adventure," but with one important change: in the original, Hadji saves Dr. Quest from an assassin's knife. Jonny's face is also not from the 1964 models.

The caption reads: "Hadji's quick reaction saves Jonny Quest even before his bodyguard 'Race' Bannon can lend a hand, in Hanna-Barbera's JONNY QUEST."

Note how the caption reads how Hadji was able to save Jonny before Race could do anything. It was this "the kids are super-kids" attitude that contributed to the rapid demise of the second series.

The original pencil art.
A black & white press release photo of the finished art.

This artwork was also featured on the first Jonny Quest VHS release (below, first), the back of the re-issue of that tape (below, second, with Race and Hadji re-clothed), as well as the laserdisk version (not pictured), and a European computer game from 1991 (below, third).

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