Classic Jonny Quest
Promotional Art: 1986 Hadji Saves Jonny

Scan and content © 2010 by Craig Fuqua & Lyle P. Blosser

This 1986 publicity artwork is a reworking of some vintage artwork, seen in part on one of the Milton Bradley puzzle boxes. It was inspired by a scene in the classic episode, "Calcutta Adventure," but with one important change: in the original, Hadji saves Dr. Quest from an assassin's knife. Jonny's face is also not from the 1964 models.

Note how the caption under the image reads how Hadji was able to save Jonny even before Race could do anything. It was this "the kids are super-kids" attitude that contributed to the rapid demise of the second series.

The original pencil art.

A black & white press release photo of the finished art.

This artwork was also featured on the first Jonny Quest VHS release (below, left), the back of the re-issue of that tape (below, center, with Race and Hadji re-clothed), as well as the laserdisk version (not pictured), and a European computer game from 1991 (below right).

1986 Promotional Artwork

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