Classic Jonny Quest
The 1965 Jonny Quest Annual

Special thanks to fellow JQ fan Tammy Harman for graciously allowing me access to copies of this material!

Back Cover

This image is present on both the front and back endpapers. Note that this image apparently used as character models the images that appear on the back cover of the 1964 Gold Key "Mystery of the Lizard Men" comic book. The image of Dr. Quest from this same source can be seen on the annual's front corner.

The Quest File O-37 graphic that appears on this page does indeed confirm that these annuals were officially sanctioned by Hanna-Barbera. Here is a large version of Quest File O-37 graphic from this page.

Story Summaries
(Many thanks to Tammy Harman)

  • CAPERS ON CAPRI When a U.S Military airplane carrying a supply of X909 — a new and secret wonderdrug — blows up on the runway under suspicious circumstances, Dr. Quest is called in to investigate.
  • THE PLOT ON POWER ISLAND Jonny is kidnapped [it's a British book, so we're using the British spelling of "kidnaped" -- ed.] from his home on Palm Key to silence Dr. Quest after he completes a top secret report on Intercontinental Ballistic Missile projection. It's a dangerous report for one Zaptan Zoltan ...
  • BANDIT THE BULLDOG On a trip to London, Dr. Quest is duped by a pretend friend- and Bandit proves that Bulldogs can be good trackers, after all.
  • JONNY QUEST- THE MYSTERY OF THE LIZARD MEN A reprint of the 1964 Gold Key comic book.
  • BLACK GOLD Jonny's curiosity gets the better of him- and gets him into trouble, as he becomes entangled in a plot to keep Dr. Quest away from the San Luis valley ... but why?
  • THE TOWN OF LOST MEN On a three-week holiday, heading toward California and stopping off in Nevada, Jonny and company come across a ghost town with quite a sinister secret ... and the men seem to be acting like robots!
  • THE RIDDLE OF SHARK BAY Whilst on a Pacific Coral Island south of Tahiti, Jonny thinks he sees sharks inshore. ... Did he? Or is it something far more sinister lurking beneath the water? Maybe someone other than Dr. Quest is looking for the priceless deposit of Uranium 625 plus.

A few additional comments:

One of the most amazing (to me) aspects of this publication is the fact that the entire inside contents of the 1964 Gold Key "Mystery of the Lizard Men" comic book is contained as one of the articles inside! Having seen copies of the first two and last two pages, I can confirm that it appears to be an exact copy!

Another interesting (I dare say even "disappointing") is the fact that Hadji is completely missing from this book (and from the 1966 annual as well). It is hard to understand why this is, as Hadji is very much a key player in the series, being Jonny's nearly inseparable best friend. There are several other publications (notably 2 of the 3 Durabooks) which also make no mention of Hadji. I somewhat hesitate to mention the thought that has arisen amongst several fans -- that racism of some sort is responsible for this shortcoming. It may be simply that Hadji, being a relatively late addition to the cast (to hear Mr. Wildey tell it), and that the model sheets available didn't include Jonny's friend. (Although that seems quite unlikely, as the "Quest File O-37" image used in the books DOES have "Haji.")

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