Classic Jonny Quest
The 1966 Jonny Quest Annual

Special thanks to fellow JQ fan Tammy Harman for graciously allowing me access to copies of this material!

Back Cover

Tammy Harman writes: "Do you see the glaring lack of Hadji on the back cover of this one? This space [to the right of Bandit--LPB] is just the right size for the same type of picture as those that appear for the others. In fact, it looks rather odd without it, don't you think?" I have to agree! -- Lyle

This image is present on both the front and back endpapers.

The Quest File O-37 graphic that appears on this page does indeed confirm that these annuals were officially sanctioned by Hanna-Barbera. Here is a large version of Quest File O-37 graphic from this page.

Title Page
Table of Contents

Story Summaries
(Many thanks to Tammy Harman)

  • The Secret of Pirate's Cove When Jonny, Dr. Quest, Race and Bandit take a vacation in Cornwall, England, they run afoul of enemy spies with a mind-controlling drug who plan to take over the world!
  • Surf Riding A one-pager about surfing.
  • Bandit Bounds In When Jonny and Race are kidnapped, and Dr. Quest is threatened by a ruthless villain, it's up to Bandit to turn the tables on the bad guys.
  • The Ancient and Modern Art of Spying The story of two spies, one ancient and one modern.
  • The Giant 'Eye' on Space A brief article about the Mark I radio telescope at the University of Manchester Nuffield Radio Astronomy Labs in Cheshire, England.
  • The Isle of Cats When Jonny and Bandit spot a giant jaguar walking on its hind legs, no one believes first.
  • Would you make a Spy? A quiz to determine your spy potential.
  • Crater Capers Dr. Quest's trip to Italy to confer with a top-level scientist from Naples is not as top-secret as they had hoped, as unscupulous elements plan to steal their latest nuclear power advance.
  • The Ruby Ray As the US Army plans to conduct a secret missile test launch, enemies conspire to destroy the missile.

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