Classic Jonny Quest
"Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" International Releases

Australian 20,000 Leagues LP

The Australian release of "Jonny Quest in '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,'" was "pressed by the manufacturers of Astor radios, radiograms and televisions." (A "radiogram" is a combination radio and record player.) The cover artwork is the same as the American release, but the Astor logo has been added to both sides and the "pressed by" information was added to the bottom of the back cover.

It's hard to tell when this was published because the Hanna-Barbera coyright notice has been removed from the back cover and is not on the labels, but maybe the notice on the label (see below) is all that was required in Australia. The sleeve on my copy is on thinner card stock than the American and Canadian disks, which makes it feel like a re-release, but the content related to Astor makes me think it's vintage 1960s.

The center part of the labels read, "Gold Star Series | Unbreakable | 33 1/3 | Astor Control | Astor | Long-Playing Microgroove | "Astor Presents a Hanna-Barbera Production" | Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea | [track list] | HLP-2030 | [side letter]."

The outer ring states, "All rights of the manufacturers and of the owner of the recorded work reserved | Unauthorized public performance broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited."

There's a "Peter Pan Series" sticker on the cover; it's apparently related to the Astor company.

The track list on Side 2 is the opposite of the American version, with the theme song coming before Part 2 instead of after. It's not correct. The order is the same as on the American release.

Canadian 20,000 Leagues LP

Arc Sound Ltd. in Canada politely released the "Jonny Quest in '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'" LP with a 1965 copyright date. The front cover looks unchanged from the American release while the back cover has the Arc Sound credit replacing some promotional content at the bottom.

English 20,000 Leagues LP

I don't own a copy of this release, so the images are from different eBay ads. Here's what I can tell from the pictures:

  • The front cover has a new banner across the top, "A Hanna Barbera Production," which has caused the bottom of the artwork to be cropped.
  • It looks like it was released under the Hanna-Barbera Records label instead of another imprint.

The black and white version of the HBR label seems weird to me.