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Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (LP transcript part 2)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

(LP version)

[Side 2]

[intro music]
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Jonny: What are we gonna do, Dad?
Dr. Quest: Maybe Race is all right. Maybe he'll call us in a minute.
Jonny: I hope so. It's getting kinda stuffy in this thing.
Dr. Quest: Jonny, something must be wrong with Race. Look, the oxygen supply is down. Race wouldn't let that happen. Race? Race Bannon. The Nautilus calling Race Bannon. Come in, Race. Do you hear us, Race?
Jonny: You're right, Dad, something serious is wrong with Race. He wouldn't leave the radio, or forget about our oxygen supply.
Dr. Quest: I wonder what happened? Why the gun shots? Maybe he was fighting with... whatever that thing was.
Jonny: Boy, I hope he's all right. Dad... LISTEN! The sonar scope's acting up! LOOK!
Dr. Quest: It's the same thing we saw before.
Jonny: I wonder what kind of a thing it is!
Dr. Quest: I don't know, Jonny, but whatever it is... its getting mighty close. Dr. Quest calling Race Bannon. Come in Race! Race! Do you hear me, Race? [sigh] Still no answer. I guess we'll just have to... wait and see. How do you feel, Jonny?
Jonny: A little sleepy.
Dr. Quest: Well, try to relax. We mustn't use up any more oxygen than we have to. We only have a... half hour supply left.
Jonny: I'll try Dad, but... DAD! THAT THING! It's getting closer!
Dr. Quest: If this sonar scope is correct, it must be as big as a house!
Jonny: DAD LOOK! AT THE PORT HOLE! [danger music]
Dr. Quest: Take it easy Jonny. It's some kind of a deep sea creature.
Jonny: That eye! It look like... like... like... A GIANT SQUID!
Dr. Quest: If the rest of that monster is as big as that eye indicates... it could be some kind of a giant squid!
Jonny: I'm just glad that we're in here and he's out there.
Dr. Quest: I'll try again to contact Race. Maybe he's back at the controls. Race. Come in, Race. Dr. Quest calling Race Bannon. Are you there, Race? Come in! [frustrated breath] He still doesn't answer. If something's happened to Race, we're really in trouble, Jonny.
Jonny: I'll say. Especially if that giant squid doesn't move on.
Dr. Quest: So far he hasn't done any harm. But anything that big could destroy this diving bell if it wanted to. We've got to get word to Race. Dr. Quest calling Race Bannon. Come in, Race!
Jonny: Isn't there any way we can surface this diving bell, Dad?
Dr. Quest: No, Jonny, its controlled from the research ship. There is an escape hatch, but the pressure at this depth would crush a submarine.
Race: [weak voice] Dr. Quest... Race... Race Bannon calling Dr. Quest.
Jonny: Dad, listen! Turn up the volume. It sounds like Race calling.
Dr. Quest: Dr. Quest calling Race Bannon. Are you there, Race?
Race: Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Quest: Are you all right?
Race: Not bad Doctor. I just got a bit battered, fighting that... that thing.
Dr. Quest: What was it Race?
Race: All I saw was a... was a huge head. And what looked like a thousand long tentacles. They were all over the ship.
Dr. Quest: It's that giant squid, all right.
Race: You mean you saw it, too? I thought I was seeing things.
Dr. Quest: Its right here, staring us in the face now. Luckily it's outside, and we're inside.
Race: Stand by Doctor. I'll start the winch and pull you up.
Dr. Quest: Okay, Race. Now, not too fast. Easy does it. We wouldn't want to snap the cable.
Jonny: Dad Look! That giant squid is wrapping itself around the Nautilus!
Dr. Quest: Now don't get excited Jonny. We'll figure a way out of this. Somehow.
Jonny: We better! And fast!
Race: Hang on Doctor. [sound of pulleys turning and cables running] I've started the winch motor and we'll start raising the Nautilus.
Dr. Quest: Good work, Race. But remember... Not too fast. A hard jerk on the cable might snap it in two. Then we WOULD be in trouble.
Race: I've got the motor in slow position. Let's see what happens now. [the infamous "Mummy" underscore] Ready?
Jonny: That thing! It's still hanging on to us!
Dr. Quest: Not too fast, Race. The giant squid has wrapped itself around the Nautilus.
Race: Can't you scare it off, Doctor?
Dr. Quest: No, Race. I'm afraid its not the squid that's scared. But pull her up slowly. The weight of that monster and the Nautilus would break any cable.
Race: I'll be careful, Sir.
Jonny: Dad, look! The giant squid's pulling us sideways!
Dr. Quest: Wait! Stop the winch! HOLD IT! This beast is pulling the Nautilus sideways. You try to pull up while he's still pulling the other way, there goes the cable. And we go to the bottom.
Race: Motor off, sir.
Jonny: Now what, Dad?
Dr. Quest: We might just do nothing. Until that monster decides to take off. I'll see how long we can wait. Race.
Race: Come in, Doctor.
Dr. Quest: How much oxygen do we have left up there?
Race: Not much, sir. I'd say about a 30 minute supply.
Dr. Quest: Well, we can't play a waiting game with only 30 minutes of oxygen. We'll have to figure out a way out this spot. Is the Navy on its way, Race?
Race: I'm afraid not, sir. I tried to radio the Navy the minute I came to. But that squid wrecked nearly everything around here, sir. How's Jonny taking all this?
Dr. Quest: Like a real man.
Race: Doctor, you're a pretty good fisherman, aren't you?
Dr. Quest: Well... I think so... but, why talk fishing at a time like this?
Race: Well, you know how to land a big rainbow trout, don't you?
Dr. Quest: Well, sure, you hook him then play him in.
Race: Exactly. If I pull too hard against that giant squid, it'll break the cable. But... if I reel him up, little by little, like a fighting trout... I might be able to land him.
Dr. Quest: You know, Race, that's just crazy enough to make sense. Let out a little line and... start fishing.
Race: [laughs] Aye, aye Captain.
Jonny: Dad, what's Race gonna do?
Dr. Quest: He's going fishing, Jonny.
Jonny: Fishing?
Dr. Quest: Well, in a way. He's going to pull up on the cable until it gets pretty tight, then let out a little slack. You know, play it in, like fighting a trout.
Jonny: Hey, that's a good idea, but, how's it going to work on a 50-ton monster?
Dr. Quest: We'll see, Jonny. We'll see... Okay, Race, haul away!
Race: Okay, Doctor. Hang on. I'm gonna landa big one. [suspense music, periodic cable tension sound effects] All right, I'm giving him a little line. There... there, that's just about enough... easy boy... now... I'll take up the slack... pull the line tight... but not too tight... steady boy...
Jonny: How's Race doing Dad?
Dr. Quest: Okay so far, Jonny. Lucky for us, Race is an excellent fisherman.
[motor dies, danger music]
Jonny: Dad! What happened?
Dr. Quest: I don't know. What is it, Race? Something wrong?
Race: I'm afraid so, sir. That monster fouled up the main cable. I can't pull the Nautilus up another inch. How deep are you, Doctor?
Dr. Quest: Well, we're at a little over 200 feet Race.
Race: What's that giant squid up to?
Dr. Quest: He's still wrapped around the diving bell. I think he likes it because it's warm.
Race: Well... something's got to give. And QUICK! You only got enough oxygen to last 10 more minutes. And I can't pull you up 'til the cables are untangled. I'm going to get my scuba outfit and try to untangle the cables.
Dr. Quest: But Race, you can't untangle the cables with that squid hanging all over them.
Race: I thought about that. But I've got plans for that beast. I owe him a few lumps anyway.
Dr. Quest: Race, don't be a fool! That giant squid is as big as a barn! You wouldn't have a chance!
Race: Maybe. But nobody has a chance now. I think with my new gear, I could go down that deep.
Dr. Quest: I don't like it. It will take a torpedo to stop that giant squid. It's been fairly peaceful up to now, but if he decides to fight, we've all had it.
Race: I don't have much choice Doctor. I'd rather do anything than wait... for the end. I'll try out your new spear gun.
Dr. Quest: Be careful, Race. And good luck.
Jonny: [danger music] But Dad, Race doesn't have a chance against that... that monster.
Dr. Quest: Not much, Jonny. But if anyone can do it, Race can.
Jonny: Dad... the giant squid... he's moving!
Dr. Quest: He must have spotted Race!
Jonny: There he is! There's Race! I can see him!
Dr. Quest: Yes, Jonny. But, that giant squid sees him too. Oh, I feel so USELESS sitting here in a diving bell and not being able to give Race a hand.
Jonny: Me, too. Isn't there anything we can do, Dad?
Dr. Quest: No Jonny, I'm afraid not. From now on, it's up to Race.
Jonny: LOOK! The squid's grabbing at Race with that long tentacle. RACE, LOOK OUT!
Dr. Quest: He can't hear you, Jonny.
Jonny: And WE can't hear HIM!
Dr. Quest: We can turn on the outside mike, but it wouldn't do much good.
[turn on mike, water activity sound effects]
Jonny: Dad, LOOK! The squid's got Race! [roaring sound] Dad! What was that?
Dr. Quest: It must be that squid. I never heard such a sound before.
Jonny: Isn't there anything we can do?
Dr. Quest: I'm afraid not, Jonny. All we can do is... hope for the best...
[roaring squid noise]
Jonny: What a horrible sound!
Dr. Quest: Sound... say... that gives me an idea!
Jonny: Like what, Dad?
Dr. Quest: Well, it's just a shot in the dark, Jonny, but it might work!
Jonny: What might work?
Dr. Quest: Sonar! Sound!
Jonny: What do you mean Dad?
Dr. Quest: Well... our sonar device sends out high frequency sounds.
Jonny: I know.
Dr. Quest: Now some animals, like dogs, for instance, can't stand high frequency sounds. It hurts their ears.
Jonny: But I don't see any ears on that giant squid.
Dr. Quest: It may work. I'll send out sonar signals at different frequencies, one of them might hit that squid right between the eyes. Hold your hands over Bandit's ears so it won't hurt him.
Jonny: Okay, Dad. Come on, Bandit. [rising pitch sonar sounds] Is it doing any good yet?
Dr. Quest: Can't tell yet. The squid is still hanging onto Race.
Jonny: BUT LOOK! He's shaking his head!
Dr. Quest: Its beginning to work! We've hit a pitch that seems to be getting through to it!
Jonny: He's loosing his grip on Race! Look!
Dr. Quest: Now Race can back off far enough to get a shot at that squid with his spear gun.
Jonny: I hope he doesn't miss.
Dr. Quest: Race seldom misses, Jonny.
[sound effect of spear gun & squid]
Jonny: Dad! I think Race hit the target! Look! The giant squid's leaving.
Dr. Quest: Good work Race! Now untangle the cables and we're on our way up.
Jonny: [sigh of relief] Not a second too soon. I could use a little oxygen myself.
Dr. Quest: Now, now, now relax Jonny. The worst is over. Soon as Race surfaces, he'll start the... winch and that... guh... [thump]
[forboding music]
Jonny: DAD! What is it Dad? Jonny Quest calling Race Bannon! Come in, Race! Are you there, Race? Jonny calling Race Bannon!
Race: I was just taking off my scuba gear, Jonny, what's up?
Jonny: It's Dad! He passed out!
Race: There's no more oxygen, Jonny. But hang on. I'll have you both up in a minute. [fast music, winch sounds, and opening hatch] Good, Jonny. Give me a hand with your Dad.
Jonny: Boy! It sure feels good to get some fresh air.
Dr. Quest: [groaning and catching his breath]
Race: Ah, just relax Doctor. A little fresh air and you'll be all right.
Dr. Quest: Race... Jonny...
Race: Don't try to talk sir, Just take it easy.
[fog horn]
Jonny: Hey, that's quite a fog rolling in.
Race: Yeah, it sure is, Jonny. We better get him below and out of it.
[ship motor]
Jonny: Race, listen! Sounds like we've got company.
[ship motor, horn & bells]
Race: Well, the United States Navy's pulling along side. [Navy music]
[triumphant ending music]
Dr. Quest: Well Jonny, the Navy's got the information they need to salvage the atomic sub and we're set to sail for home. So I guess you can get back to reading your book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Jonny: No thanks, Dad. Anything that Capt. Nemo does now will seem dull after what we've been through this afternoon. Right, Bandit?
["James Bond" style JQ theme again]
[end of side 2]
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