Classic Jonny Quest
Warnings regarding other Jonny Quest DVDs

About other DVDs you may already be seeing for sale

To date, no episodes of Jonny Quest have been released on commercial DVDs. If you see JQ DVDs for sale someplace other than a store or retail website, please confirm those disks are from Warner Bros. before you buy. We all want Warner Bros. to see good sales from these disks, so it's important that you not exhaust your JQ budget on unauthorized copies.

Our recommendations:
  1. Do yourself a favor and don't buy unauthorized DVDs if the source of the recordings was television - you will get edited and/or time-compressed episodes and you won't get original end credits. If you feel that you can't wait and simply must buy "non-official" products, check out the source material before you plunk down your cash.
  2. Do all Jonny Quest fans a favor and don't buy unauthorized DVDs if it means you won't buy a commercial set when it's available.
  3. Do a favor and don't buy anything if our website's logo is used in the advertisement or the cover art. We do not offer items for sale with our website's logo on it. Any person offering a product that displays our logo is doing it without our permission.

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