Classic Jonny Quest
"Jonny Quest" DVD Alternate Set
By Craig Fuqua
© 2004

Jonny Quest The First Season (four cases) Although this looks like the front of the "Jonny Quest" DVD set released by Warner Bros. in the U.S. and Canada on May 11, 2004, it's not. This is a set of four individually-packaged DVDs I bought at the Altitunes store at the Orlando International Airport on July 2. They were shrink-wrapped and taped together with a retail price of $64.99. The normal set was also four discs, but they were held in a foldout in a slipcase.

The catalog numbers are H2516 through H2519. I'm betting there's another catalog number representing the set of four cases.

Differences in the front covers to the regular DVD are: The title of this set is "Jonny Quest / The First Season" instead of "Jonny Quest / The Complete First Season," and they list the episode numbers in the lower left corner.

Jonny Quest The First Season Disc 1 (back cover) The backs of the keepcase inserts are modified versions of the episode listings found in the slipcase set. The "boilerplate" copyright information at the bottom seems to be copied directly from the back of the slipcase, but the information on each keepcase mentions that the French subtitles are "Dubbed in Quebec," which makes me wonder if this set was intended for sale in that province. When I check, I see the slipcase version for sale, so I don't think this was a set for Canada in general. Hi-resolution version of Disc 1 back cover

I don't have any definitive information on why there are two versions of the JQ DVD set. The Quebec theory is as good as any. Another possibility is that this version is only available in speciality shops, like at airports.

Jonny Quest The First Season (back covers) Here are all four back covers.

Please post a note in the forum if you have any information on this set of JQ DVDs! Also, keep checking back here to see if I've learned anything new.

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