Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Mystery of the Lizard Men

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Z-3, , 9/18/64 (Friday, 7:30 p.m. Eastern), not rerun in season.

Trivia and items of interest
  • Race's shirt, although red, is a polo-style shirt instead of the kind that fastens off to the side as seen in most of the other episodes.

  • The explosions of the first ship and the fishing boat produce exactly the same debris.
  • In the speed boat chase scene, the hydrofoils aren't visible when Race launches the boat into the air to land on the pursuing lizard men -- it's shown as a standard wooden keel. (Reported by Ian Allan)
    and here's a counterpoint:
    In the "Mystery of the Lizard Men" guide the flub reported was that you could see the hydrofoil planes in one scene then when Race vaults the boat down onto the lizardman boat you can't see them. I was watching my copies the other day and I noticed that you indeed can. During the chase you can see the planes up along the waterline. The only way you could see them that way was if they were retractible, brought up close next to the hull. The reason you can't see much of them when he vaults the boat is because they are indeed in that retracted position. If you take a look as the boat is coming down on either side of the hull you will see two red plates. Those are the retracted hydrofoil planes. Looks like they thought of that back when they originally did the episode.... continuity is saved :) (Submitted by John Macdonnell)
  • While making their escape from the sub, Jonny retrieves the key to the room where Race is being held, and sends it with Bandit back through the air vent so Race can unlock the door to the room they're being held in. Why didn't Jonny just unlock the door himself? (Reported by Ian Allan)
  • For that matter, if Race could unlock the door with the key from inside the room, that means the door was lockable from both sides! Not likely.

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • Race swinging on a rope to knock frogman off Jonny (OC)
  • frogman lining up a laser gun and firing (OC)
  • laser beaming firing from a shipwreck, and being reflected back; ship explodes (OC)
  • speedboat jumping and landing on frogmen in another boat (CC)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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