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Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Curse of Anubis

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Z-2, 10/2/64, 6/3/65.

  • During the scene where Kareem's men enter the tomb to steal the statue, the set of wooden doors appear to open of their own accord, with just the shadows of the men touching them. Either this is a flub, or the door hinges are so well lubricated that they will open when someone breathes on them. It's obvious that the effect that was being tried for was to have the doors open without showing the men doing it, but it didn't quite come off perfectly.
  • During the scenes when the boys and Bandit ride on top of a truck on the caravan, Bandit's normally-black mask around his eyes has been left un-inked. This flub can be seen three separate instances: first, in the general framing shot of the truck caravan including when the camera zooms in, second, in the closer shot where we see Bandit, Jonny and Hadji on the truck, and third, in the closeup where just Bandit and Jonny are in frame. (Thanks to "psyche78")
  • In the desert, around the campfire, they hear a howling sound, and Race makes the following comment: "Maybe it's that god Anubis looking for his temple." But it's not the temple that's missing; what's missing is a statue of Anubis stolen from the temple.
  • When Race is about to kill the scorpion with the whip, Dr. Quest doesn't act like he's interested in the action -- he simply stares ahead, looking away from the scorpion.
  • After Race kills the scorpion, we see Hadji saying "You got it!" but it's Race's voice we hear.
  • When Kareem draws a gun on Dr. Quest and Race in the tomb, it's a small caliber pistol, with a noticeable barrel. Later, however, when they show Kareem's hand in close-up, the gun is transformed into an even smaller Derringer-style weapon. Later, it's back to the style with a barrel, again.
  • In the scene with Jonny and Hadji on the scooter, when Jonny says "Looks like they were trying to head us off at the pass", Jonny's shirt is drawn (or at least colored) incorrectly. It's changed into a V-neck, and there's a line around his neck where his usual turtleneck would be.

Trivia and items of interest
The "Nice Touch" Award:When Dr. Kareem states that the theft of the Anubis statue will be proven to have been caused by outsiders, we see, in an extreme closeup, the flames from the campfire reflected in his eyes. Or is it the flames of patriotic zeal?

The Award for Best Line:When Jonny and Hadji approach the tomb where Dr. Quest and Race are being held, Kareem shouts "Stop!" and Jonny replies, "Sorry! Don't speak Egyptian!" as they zoom on by on their scooter.

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • mummy walking and crashing through a wall (OC)
  • three snakes crawling across the floor (OC)
  • mummy lifting a man over its head (OC)
  • roof collapses on mummy and man (OC)
  • Jonny riding a camel (CC)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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