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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Pursuit of the Po-Ho

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Z-7, Po-Ho Adventure, 10/9/64, 4/1/65.

  • Early in the episode, it is stated that Dr. Quest and Dr. Emil Hartman can both speak the language of the Po-Ho, and it is obvious that Dr. Quest can when he broadcasts a message to the natives from the plane. But, later, when both men are captured, Dr. Hartman translates the native words for Dr. Quest, as if Dr. Quest couldn't do so for himself. (Of course, this was all for the benefit of us, the audience, but it's still technically a mistake.)
  • When Dr. Quest is talking to Dreena on the radio, he says, "Now, now Dreena, keep your courage up". Dr. Quest is in view, but his voice is as if it's coming over the radio. It should be Dreena in view with his voice at the other end of the radio. (Reported by Don Ramos)
  • Dreena Hartman can't speak the Po-Ho language, but she can translate what their drums are saying?
    As pointed out by John Boyd, this may not be a flub, for several reasons:
    1) the drum "language" is not a literal translation of the Po-Ho spoken tongue, but is rather a representation of a general message, and
    2) Dreena's experience in the field over time may well have been sufficent to allow her to pick up on that general type of communication, even though her husband and Dr. Quest were the only ones capable of understanding the spoken language.
  • When Dreena Hartman translates what the Po-Ho drums are saying, she mentions "Rahneo". We then hear Race's voice ask, "Rahneo?" but we actually see Dr. Quest's lips move. Then, immediately after, Dr. Quest explains who Rahneo is -- it looks like Dr. Quest asks the question then answers it!
  • When Dr. Quest is captured by the Po-Ho, we see a tear run down Jonny's face. The problem is the tear forms on the upper part of his eye, toward the outer edge, instead of the inner corner where the tear ducts are actually located.
  • The Po-Ho tribe seems to be made up of several different races, based on the three different pigmentations seen. There's a very light-skinned Po-Ho, one that's slightly darker, and a very dark one. Look for the scene with the natives pounding on the drums to see what I mean. This is at least done consistently every time the scene is shown.
  • When Jonny and Hadji are waiting at the boat, and they hear someone coming, Bandit starts barking, but his mouth doesn't move. (Reported by Ian Allan)
  • After Race gets the rope to Dr. Quest to pull him out of the hole, he swims to the boat and loops the rope around the motor. The boat then speeds off, later the rope has somehow gotten off the motor and Race is holding it. It would be pretty difficult to get enough slack in the rope while pulling Dr. Quest to remove it from the motor with the boat in motion. (Reported by Don Ramos)
  • After Dr. Quest makes his speech to the Po-Ho, he continues to hold the microphone (but one presumes the switch of off while they talk in the plane). So why did Bandit's barks get transmitted? Maybe Dr. Quest covertly pushed the switch back on because he wanted to hear Bandit's barks echo across the jungle :-).

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Jonny is having a little trouble with his grades
  • Jonny sheds a tear when Dr. Quest is captured, the only time this demonstration of strong emotion is seen in the entire series. (but see flubs, above)

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • Natives in dugouts. (OC)
  • Panther jumping (OC)
    (This scene, and the crocodile scene below, happened when Bandit barked into a microphone and his barks were amplified and transmitted through a set of external speakers as they flew over the jungle. These same scenes were later used, for a different effect, in the episode "Turu the Terrible".)
  • Crocodile diving into river (OC)
  • Jet flying through clouds, and characters sitting in jet cockpit (OC)
  • monkey on branch over jungle river (CC) (Also used in the episode "A Small Matter of Pygmies".)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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