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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Shadow of the Condor

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Z-8, Condor, 11/20/64, 4/29/65.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Dr. Quest recognizes the baron as a prior top ace for Germany in 1918, who commanded the Condor Squadron with 84 kills
  • The baron recognizes Dr. Quest as the inventor of a new type of air filter in use by workers in the Chilean silver mines
  • The same sounds are used for the cries made by condors in this episode and the cries made by Turu the pteranodon in "Turu the Terrible".
  • This episode contains the only time Race calls Dr. Quest "Benton" instead of "Doctor" or "Dr. Quest" (This happens when Race is about to leave in one of the baron's old planes to fly to La Paz for help. - Thanks to Ted Watson for pointing out the correct timing of this.)

  • If you look at the baron's plane as he's bearing down on Race late in the dogfight, the tail of the plane doesn't appear to be damaged, even though Race "shaved" part of it away earlier. (Reported by Ian Allan) (Note: This is true, and you have to be quick to spot it. An even clearer shot of the plane's tail can be seen after it crashes into the mountain -- there's the rounded tail, plain as day.)
  • The baron is shooting at a condor target, which shows two holes in the bullseye. Later after Race has shot the tail feather off, the baron begins shooting again. The original two holes are gone and there is a new one and then the baron adds some more. (Reported by Don Ramos)

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • a condor swoops down and grabs Bandit by the collar (OC) (In the credits, the background scenery shown when Bandit tries to escape the condor is actually beach scenery, with palm trees (presumably from Palm Key), whereas in the episode the incident actually takes place in the courtyard of the castle!)
Frederico Garcia from Brazil writes:
JQ became very famous here in Brazil since 1966, when Rede Globo de Televisão first showed the episodes. Only to suggest a food for thought in the page comments about the episode The Shadow of the Condor. Indeed, Dr. Benton Quest was preparing a new version of filter to silver mines "in Chile".During the conversation in the Quest's plane, however, Roger mentioned something about "... I should have checked the oil filter in SAN MARTIN before take off ...". Looking at the map, there are two cities San Martin in that region, exactly in Argentina. The first one, San Martin de los Andes, near the border with Chile, and another San Martin, "tout court", near Mendoza, northwards. During the conversation with Baron Fröhlich, the former ace of German WWI aviation mentioned to show Race Bannon the way to go to La Paz, I understand Bolivia. Naturally, both biplanes, SPAD XIIIc and Fokker DVII they did not have range to go to La Paz, in northern Bolivia, leaving Argentina, even near the border. So, I concluded that the castle of Baron Frölich was settled in Bolívia, neither Argentina nor Chile.

Just to finish: the Baron mentioned something like "Welcome to Mariemburg... ". Indeed, he confessed that the castle is a copy of another castle in the Rhein river, Germany. However, we have to consider that Mariemburg was an historic city of Prussia, the heart of the German Empire and fatherland of many of the most remarkable German warriors of all time. The same Baron von Richthofen were from Breslau, Prussia.

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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