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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Dragons of Ashida

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Z-14, , 12/18/64, 4/15/65 (postponed from 3/18/65).

  • Dr. Quest's mouth moves as the line "He spoke of dragons" is spoken, but it's Race's voice that says the line.
  • During the scene where Dr. Quest is asking Dr. Asida if the natives happen to be dragon worshippers, there is a brief flicker (about 4 frames) where there is a line showing through Dr. Quest's beard where his chin would be (if he had no beard).
  • During the fight between Race and Sumi, when Sumi runs at Race from different directions, his eyepatch also apparently switches from his left eye to his right, then back again. Apparently, the animation cels were flipped to create those running scenes. (Reported by William Halverson)
  • Near the beginning of the episode, the buttons on Sumi's belt disappear, then reappear. (Reported by John Boyd) After Sumi releases the dragons to chase the Quests, the dragons collars around their necks somehow disappear.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Dr. Ashida is a world-famous scientist, known for his zoological work.
  • The species of lizard re-engineered by Ashida into dragonhood is the Tobura lizard; it was in danger of becoming extinct when Ashida arrived on his island 20 years earlier.
  • One of the lizards is 14 feet, 7 inches in length
  • The dragons are both carnivorous and cannibalistic
  • The natives of the island worshipped "kamatomo", a dragon effigy
  • The scene where Race pushes a boulder down on the dragons is one of the same scenes used in "A Small Matter of Pygmies"

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • man running through the jungle (OC)
  • large lizards walking though the jungle (in pursuit of the previously-mentioned running man) (OC)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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