Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Fraudulent Volcano

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Z-17, , 12/31/64, 8/12/65.

  • When one of Zin's henchmen opens the window in the barracks where the Quests are sleeping we see that it is directly over Dr. Quest's head. But, when the tarantula gets dumped on the bed, it's somehow at the foot of the bed instead (the spider has to crawl up the bed to get back to Dr. Quest's head).
  • After Hadji kills the tarantula and they smell smoke, Race says something like "Hurry, let's save the plane!". When he says that, he's wearing green pajamas. Next thing we see is Race fully dressed backing up a forklift. We see Dr. Quest and the boys helping out still in their pajamas. Apparently, Race is a fast dresser. (Reported by Alan Andrew)
  • When their plane is shot by the beam from the volcano, Dr. Quest exclaims that it's an invisible beam (even though we can see it); and even on the monitors used by the men in the volcano, the beam shows up as it strikes the plane.
  • When Jonny and Hadji climb up the side of the mountain toward the cave where they saw the flying platforms enter, the cave's entrance is much too small to allow the ingress and egress of the flying platforms, especially with men standing upright on them. The cave entrance needs to be at least three times bigger.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The so-called volcano is named Mount Tahawa; the island is Bahiti
  • The actor who voices one of the men trying to put out the oil well fire also appears to be the same one who voiced the boat captain in "Turu the Terrible"
  • As soon as they observe the volcano in action, both Race and Dr. Quest comment that it doesn't act like a volcano. They do not explain what they mean by that, however.
  • How to get around the "who's in control" issue -- name everyone "Simon" (as in "Simon says...")! In the episode, there were at least three of Zin's henchman named Simon -- Simon 1, Simon 3, and Simon 11.
  • What ever happened to the man seen trying to escape in the beginning of the episode? He doesn't alert the authorities, or show up to explain anything. And who was he? Perhaps some late editing of the episode removed later scenes with this mysterious character? - questions raised by Ian Allan
  • The governor of the island offers the services of his own plane (Governor: "There is a plane in the hangar next to your quarters at your disposal, Doctor." Dr. Quest: "Fine. We'll take off directly after breakfast tomorrow.") -- so the plane that was in danger of being destroyed by fire, and gets shot down by the "invisible beam" is not the Quest plane, but the Governor's. Although it must have been a popular model, as the Governor's plane looks exactly like the one the Quests flew in on.

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • men on small flying platforms (OC) (The jagged rock background scene, again, was not used in the actual episode, and in the episode the men's uniforms are not red, but blue-gray instead.)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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