Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - Werewolf of the Timberland

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Z-18, , 1/7/65, 7/22/65.

  • The line "Look, I think he got away" was delivered by Race, but it was Dr. Quest's voice.
  • Right at the end, when Jonny says he wants to know one more thing (how could an owl have told White Feather where he and Hadji were), we see a group tableau. In the tableau, our heroes are seen with their shadows in front of them. They are quite plainly looking forward, toward the owl in the tree. Then we cut to the owl. There is just one problem. The moon is behind the owl. If they were looking FORWARD at the owl and the moon was BEHIND the owl, how could their shadows be IN FRONT of them? Their shadows should have been BEHIND them, surely? (Reported by Tammy Harman)
  • After Bandit got skunked, Race tells Jonny to stay upwind as he scrubs Bandit in the river. But that would mean everyone would catch the smell (since they would be downwind of Bandit) -- Race should've told Jonny to stay downwind instead. (Reported by Ian Allan)
  • The French for "werewolf", spelled "loup-garou", is in fact pronounced "loo-garoo", not "loop-garoo". (Reported by Graham Darling)
  • From where they were, Jonny and Hadji could not possibly have been able to see nor hear enough to understand that, way across the river and up the flume, gold was being loaded into hollow logs. (Reported by Graham Darling)

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Dr. Quest was asked by the Ottawa, Canada, government to locate a particular specimen of petrified wood
  • One of the bad guys was called Blackie LeBlanch, which means "black white"
  • The voice of White Feather was provided by the actor who also voices Race (Mike Road)
  • Jonny and Hadji are both good woodsmen, according to Race

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