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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Pirates from Below

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Z-20, Underwater Probe, 1/14/65, 5/13/65.

  • When the mine is planted on the underwater prober by an enemy frogman, Race dons scuba gear and heads outside to check it out. But, there is no airlock on the prober! (This can be verified by looking at several earlier scenes showing the door and the interior, especially the one where the enemy agents shoot tranquilizer darts at Race and Bandit. If there was an airlock, that scene could not have happened!) So, when Race opens the door to exit the prober, the water should've rushed in and flooded the prober! (Reported by Dan Johnson)
  • The mine, apparently made of metal, floats to the surface once disengaged from the prober. How can it be so bouyant? (Reported by John Boyd)
  • It is very important to the story for Jonny to be carrying his communicator. On three separate occasions, it is missing off his belt. First, when Dr. Quest and Hadji leave in the boat the first time, Jonny is standing on the dock with Race and there is no communicator. Second, when the bad guys go to kidnap Jonny and Race, one grabs Jonny and again: no communicator. Third, when Jonny jumps off the hovercraft to rescue Bandit in the water, he has no communicator. (Reported by Don Ramos)
  • When Hadji and Dr. Quest are in the house talking and if you look outside the window behind Hadji, you can see the boat anchored at the dock and it is headed toward the beach. In the very next scene, they are in the boat to leave from the dock and it has turned around while anchored and is headed away from the beach. (Reported by Don Ramos)
  • There are several shots aboard the enemy sub showing a screen with a wavy white line that moves as the commander is speaking. Some of the shots show this screen with several dials and gauges on either side. Other angles show the screen by itself, with nothing on either side.(Reported by John in FL in the forum). Lyle adds: In the close-up scenes the "screen" is presented as being flush with the inner bulkhead of the sub with controls and gauges on either side. In more distant shots, the "screen" is shown as being on the front of a large box-like affair mounted on the wall with no dials or anything nearby.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Jonny specifically mentions Hadji's age as eleven. (Reported by John Boyd.)
  • When Jonny is asked what course they are on (after being hijacked by the bad guys), he looks up at a gauge and reads off "three, two, five" (i.e. 325 degrees, or roughly northwest, presuming north is zero). But the compass clearly shows they are heading a few degrees east of north (about 5 degrees). From the location of Palm Key, either of these courses (NW or NNE) would take them toward the Florida mainland. What might be more logical, especially in 1964, would be that they would be heading toward Cuba, in a southerly direction, around 180 degrees. Maybe the writers didn't want to fan the flames of the Cold War? (Reported by John Boyd)

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