Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - Attack of the Tree People

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Z-16, Tree Boys, 1/21/65, not rerun in season.

  • Right before the boat catches fire, a chess game is in progress between Race and Dr. Quest. There is a cutaway at one point, and when the camera cuts back, there are no pieces on the chessboard. (Reported by Bill Groves)
  • The baby turtles have feet, not flippers, as sea turtles do. They are also hatching in the daytime, which is rare, though not unheard of. However, they did get this right: when sea turtles hatch, they instinctively head in the direction of the brightest thing they see, which is usually the ocean (due to moonlight and other reflections). Hence the origin of the Florida law prohibiting lights on the beach during nesting season - May to October. Seeing Bandit's white color more brightly than the brown sand, they head right for him! (Reported by John Boyd)
  • When the boys are first discovered by the apes, Hadji says that it looks like the apes have them surrounded. The boys are shown standing in the middle of a group of apes standing virtually shoulder to shoulder in a complete circle around Jonny and Hadji. Then they cut to a closeup of the boys' faces with nothing but trees in the background. (Reported by John Boyd)
  • Is it just me, or does Hadji impale the coconut on the tree branch way too easily? It's almost as if the normally-hard shell of the coconut was as soft as an overripe melon. And if they were going to leave a signal on the beach, the tree branch with a life jacket on it would've been sufficient - no need for the magically-soft coconut at all!

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The location of this episode and the appearance of anthropoid apes mirrors the same as found in Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic "Tarzan of the Apes".

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

Link to some episode cel images

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