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Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Devil's Tower

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Z-21, The Devil's Escarpment, 2/4/65, 8/19/65.

  • After it breaks away, the balloon can be seen trailing part of the snapped cable. Later, however, the cable first appears to be missing the cable, then the cable comes back, then it's missing again. (Reported by Ian Allan's son Dawson Allan, age 5)
  • When Dr. Quest leaves Race at the top of the plateau, he takes a rifle with him. The gun is never seen or even mentioned later in the episode; it just disappears. (Reported by Ian Allan)
  • When the Quests are escaping along the cliff ledge they are moving left to right while being bombarded with boulders from above. One boulder knocks out the ledge in front of them but Dr. Quest, without missing a beat, points to an overhang beyond the missing ledge and says "If we can get to that overhang we'll be safe." But how? That ledge just got knocked out from in front of them, with the resulting gap being more than they could just step over. But after the next scene cut, we see everyone moving forward along the ledge as if the missing part wasn't a problem. (Reported by John Clark)
  • In the episode, Jonny remarks that he has never seen a World War I-type airplane before, and Race is asked whether he can fly such a machine. But shouldn't the gang have remembered that Race is extremely proficient in this area, and have a vivid recollection of these craft, after their experience with Baron von Froelich, in the episode titled "Shadow of the Condor"? I don't see how they could have forgotten! (Reported by Ferbo on the ClassicJQ forum)
  • (Not technically a flub) The working title The Devil's Escarpment is retained in the dialogue script; Dr. Quest calls it that instead of "The Devil's Tower". Apparently someone thought "escarpment" was not suitable for the episode title, even though it was OK within the dialogue.
  • (Also not technically a flub, but questionable) The wooden bridge is clearly visible from the plateau. So Klaus had to know it was there. So despite his bad leg, I would think that in 19 years Klaus could have figured out a way to make it through the cave to the ledge and over the bridge. (Reported by John Boyd)

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