Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - The House of Seven Gargoyles

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Z-22, , 2/18/65, not rerun in season.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The voice of one of the bad guys on the submarine was provided by Mike Road (Race Bannon)

  • The first time we see the men in the sub, the thinner man's voice is provided by Mike Road (aka Race), but in later scenes, it is the stocky man -- the voices have switched!
  • Prof. Erickson gives Jonny one of the real gargoyles as a gift, at the episode's end. But he lifts said gargoyle into the back of the Quest automobile, despite the fact that a stone gargoyle of that size must weigh in excess of 300 or 400 pounds! Is the old boy a LOT stronger than he looks? (Reported by Ferbo on the ClassicJQ forum)
  • Watched my DVD last night and saw a little "blink" on Dr. Quest as he and the gang were boating up the fjord. While talking to Race, a little flicker was apparent around Dr. Quest's mouth. When I backed it up and went frame by frame, I saw that his beard (goatee) disappeared for one or two frames. It was gone, and not just outlined and forgotten to be painted. (Reported by psyche78 on the ClassicJQ forum)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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