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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Terror Island

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Z-23, Chu Sing Ling Caper, 2/25/65, 7/29/65 (rerun postponed from 7/15/65).

  • At the beginning there is a giant crab escaping from the lab, where a man calls for help on a telephone. Then he takes his pistol from the desk drawer and starts shooting at the crab. His gun must be similar to that of the captain in "Sea Haunt", because instead of the usual six bullets, he shoots nine. (Reported by John Boyd, who later retracted his flub claim by saying that the gun is not a revolver, but some other type of handgun, which may have been capable of firing that many bullets without reloading)
  • The dial that Chu Sing Ling uses to open and close the cages has a black knob with three positions. But in some scenes, like the one where he shows Dr. Quest a normal-sized spider, the dial has no knob. Later the knob reappears. (Reported by John Boyd)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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