Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Sea Haunt

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Z-25, , 3/11/65, 9/2/65.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The Quests were flying from Singapore to Sumatra when they spotted the derelict "Star of Borneo".
  • The "Star of Borneo" was sailing under the Dutch flag.
  • The monster was at first called a "sea-going dinosaur", then Dr. Quest thought it looked like a cross between a manticore and a hippocampus (2 mythical creatures).
  • The footprint left by the monster had five toes, and looked more like a racoon's paw print than a dinosaur.
  • Both Hadji and Jonny were tired of eating rice and fortune cookies (which they apparently had in abundance in Singapore); and, of course, that's exactly all that Charlie, the Chinese cook left on board the freighter, had left in the galley.

  • When Hadji takes a picture of the sea monster, we see that he is holding the camera properly, but that his FINGER is in front of the lens. Later, when he opens the camera to take out the picture, Jonny says 'That's a great picture- of your THUMB!'. Not only is this a flub, it's also a physical impossibility. For Hadji to be able to hold the camera AND take the picture of his thumb, he would have to have practically been holding the camera upside down! (Reported by Tammy Harman). Kirk Hanson clarifies: The flub here is that Jonny's spoken dialogue line is incorrect. He should have said "finger" instead of "thumb".
  • When the captain of the ship first confronts the sea monster, he shoots at him at least 13 times, but when the camera zooms in, the captain is holding a revolver. There is no revolver in the world with a 13-round cylinder...6 in most cases.(Reported by Joe Robertson)
  • When Charlie shoots the harpoon, he hits the ship's mast, splitting it in two, with the upper third of the mast falling into the ocean taking the monster with it. But in the scene that follows, the ship has a fully intact mast. (Reported by John Boyd)

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