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The Real Palm Key Visited!
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On March 18, 2016, Quest fan John Boyd made the trip to see what's really going on at Palm is his report.

You all have seen by now the page on this site showing the location of the "Real" Palm Key.

I say "Real" in quotes, because we don't know if the writers had a map from which they picked the island as the Quests' home, or just made up the name, never knowing about the real island. (Or as Dr. Kareem says in "The Curse of Anubis": "Who will ever know?")

Anyway, to us, the island is very real, especially since it is in Florida, where I live. Years ago I mentioned that, having found the island on a map, I hoped someday to travel to Palm Key and take photos. Lyle responded by writing "We'll be waiting for those photos, John".

Finally (!) I decided to make the "quest" for Palm Key. I looked into renting a rocket belt or a hovercraft, but the Flamingo visitor's center was all out of them. So that left me with my kayak.

Yesterday (March 18, 2016) I packed it with cameras, maps, and GPS, put on my Jonny Quest t-shirt, and rowed out from Flamingo, FL, on the 3-mile (5 km) excursion. I convinced Race (Akeezeo) not to puncture my kayak with his knife, and Dr. Quest not to chop it up with the underwater prober's pincers. Reluctantly, both agreed.

Long story short, I found probably the only spot to make landfall on the otherwise muddy, swampy island: see and enter the coordinates "25 07.139, -80 52.853". At about 11:30 a.m. I became possibly the first JQ fan to set foot on Palm Key!

I took several photos of Palm Key around the shore, and from the interior of the island. I decided not to take photos of the house, radio transmitter, underwater prober, or airstrip, as they are probably classified Top Secret.

But here are some photos of the Real Palm Key

In addition I shot a short movie of the interior of this famous landmark.

Enjoy the video & photos, fellow JQ fans!

From the crew at "Classic Jonny Quest"
What a great set of images and video! We respect your decision not to take photos of possibly super-sensitive areas, much as we'd like to have seen all of that. And we're sure the Quest team is thankful you respected their privacy. Thanks so much for sharing something most of us would otherwise never have the chance to see.

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