Classic Jonny Quest
Promotional Art: 1986 Cast Photo

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This press release photo from Worldvision Enterprises in 1986 is a copy of promotional artwork originally released in the 1960s.

Note the lack of black markings around Bandit's eyes; this happened on a number of images, for reasons unknown. (The pencil artist may have left the mask blank, assuming the inker would know to fill it with black.)

Here is another version of the image which is a bit larger, quite a bit cleaner, and just all-around better.

A color version was issued in two separate 7x9-inch photos at least as early as 1969 when the show ran in syndication on CBS. Yes, Bandit's mask is still un-inked.

With the exception of Bandit, the figures were taken from model sheets: Dr. Quest, Jonny, Hadji and Race. Bandit may also have been culled from a model sheet, but we can't find it.

More information on Jonny and Bandit in this group shot.

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