Classic Jonny Quest
Promotional Art: 1986 Jonny and Bandit

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Like most of the promotional photos released in 1986, this shot of Jonny and Bandit was taken from the early days of the series.

We can tell that the individual character images were positioned separately, since:

  1. the separation between Jonny and Bandit is increased in this image as compared to the overall cast image
  2. the line representing the surface of the ground was extended so it still reached Jonny's leg (but you can still see where the original line ended)
  3. the orientation of the characters is slightly different (the ground underneath Bandit slopes downward a bit more in this image).

An undated cel with this arrangement was offered for sale on eBay by seller Yestoday, a long-time Jonny Quest collector.

It was accompanied by a folder with writing indicating the cel was ordered by Doug Wildey and by a one-photo version of a team photo released in 1969.

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