Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest End Credits

By Craig Fuqua
© 2004
Each episode of "Jonny Quest" originally aired with distinct end credits. However, these credits haven't always stuck with their shows.

Generic, rolling end credits were substituted for all episodes when they first ran as part of "The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera" in 1986. For the second run in this syndication package, the original end credits were used for each story. The quality of the end credits was low for some of the early stories.

When the Turner corporation acquired the Hanna-Barbera library in 1994, the credits for "Skull and Double Crossbones" were used for nine other episodes. This is detailed in Jonny's Credit Problems. The main problem with this is that John Stephenson received no credit for his work as Dr. Quest on five of those stories. It's unlikely this was a deliberate attempt to remove Stephenson's name from the credits. At the time, I suspected it was related to the quality of the prints available.

In the mid-1990s, Turner Entertainment released eight stories on VHS. Those episodes were digitally remastered, and I presume that all 26 stories were remastered at the same time. Seven of the eight titles in the VHS release used the end credits for "Pursuit of the Po-Ho," the only episode for which series creator Doug Wildey received no credit. The reason for this is unknown to us, but I've confirmed the absence of Wildey's credit on a 16mm print of this story from 1965.

In 2000, digitally-remastered versions of all 26 stories were shown on TNT. As with the VHS releases, the "Po-Ho" credits were used for the vast majority of episodes. The same masters were used for Boomerang channel when it launched.

I'd hoped that the DVD release would feature the original, distinct end credits for each episode, but that's not what happened. Instead, the credits for "Po-Ho" were used for all stories except "Double Danger," which has the end credits for "The Curse of Anubis."

This set of end titles is presented here to honor the people who worked on "Jonny Quest," in particular Doug Wildey. The images were taken from a set of 16mm prints from one or more time periods. Because of this, the quality varies and some names are hard to read.

Mystery of the Lizard Men
Arctic Splashdown
The Curse of Anubis
Pursuit of the Po-Ho
Riddle of the Gold
Treasure of the Temple
Calcutta Adventure
The Robot Spy
Double Danger
Shadow of the Condor
Skull and Double Crossbones
The Dreadful Doll
A Small Matter of Pygmies
Dragons of Ashida
Turu the Terrible
The Fraudulent Volcano
Werewolf of the Timberland
Pirates from Below
Attack of the Tree People
The Invisible Monster
The Devil's Tower
The Quetong Missile Mystery
The House of Seven Gargoyles
Terror Island
Monster in the Monastery
The Sea Haunt

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