Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - Arctic Splashdown

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Z-5, Splashdown Antarctica, 9/25/64, 4/8/65.

  • When the man on the raft from the enemy sub is sent to assassinate Dr Quest, he rides quietly to their ship in a bright orange rubber raft. He climbs from the raft up the ship's anchor chain where he prepares to shoot Dr. Quest through a port hole. After he fires the dart gun (thankfully missing Dr. Quest) gunfire from the Quest's sentry erupts as the would-be assassin dives into the water and swims underwater for safe cover behind some small icebergs. When he gets to the safety vantage point, the RAFT has miraculously travelled on it's own from below the anchor chains at the ship to the spot behind the icebergs! (Reported by Pete on the ClassicJQ forum)
  • When Jonny and Hadji are captured and taken to the snowgoose where Dr. Quest and Race are being held, the sliding bar that locks the door to the back of the snowgoose is in the open position, but the guard opens it anyway before opening the doors.
  • Race, Jonny, and Hadji are suppossed to be locked in the snowgoose, but when Dr. Quest is on the bridge trying to get away from the rocket, it can be seen in the background with the doors open. (Reported by Ian Allan)
  • (Not technically an error, but...well, you be the judge) The air cover plane used to make sure the Quests were OK while at the missile is the same plane used for sea searches in "Mystery of the Lizard Men"! Not only that, but the men in the plane's cockpit are the same as well; they're even wearing the same clothes! I guess they got tired of marine rescue and wanted to try the arctic...
  • When the missile explodes and ice and snow are blown over Dr. Quest, none of it lands on him! It lands all around him, but he remains untouched by it. Since his prone body is higher than the surrounding terrain, one would expect that the snow, at least, would tend to collect on him.
  • When Dr. Quest slips on the bridge while trying to escape, he clings on to the edge while laying on top of a big pile of snow. In the very next scene, the pile of snow is missing, just before the killer whale destroys the bridge. (Reported by Joe's daughter Caitlin on the ClassicJQ forum)

Trivia and items of interest
  • Hadji uses his judo knowledge (which we learn he had in "Calcutta Adventure"; presumably he learned it from the same American Marine who taught him English) for the only time outside of "Calcutta Adventure" (when he flipped Jonny). After this, he never used it again!
  • Dr. Quest knows his judo and karate, too! Check out the neck chop he gives the sub commander!
  • Thanks to Nelson for providing an updated title card (see above). This is more likely the actual title card for the episode than this originally-displayed image. The exact details behind the older image are unclear at this point, but it appears to be from a frame later in the episode (just before the Quest team arrives on site) instead of just after the missile crash at the start of the episode (which is where the title card frame is from).
  • As seen in the "TV Guide" clipping above, this episode was called Splashdown Antarctica early on, but was renamed Arctic Splashdown before it was broadcast. Apparently not everyone got the word of the changed title.
  • Where did the well-built timber bridge to the rocket ship come from? They couldn't have carried all that timber there in their snow crawlers, and (besides) it would have taken days to build.(Reported by Joe's daughter Caitlin on the ClassicJQ forum)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

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