Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Season 1 - A Small Matter of Pygmies

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Z-13, , 12/11/64, not rerun during season.

Trivia and items of interest:
  • Race asks Hadji if he can levitate an object, and Hadji obliges, after a comment to the effect that it has been a very long time since he's done so. Also, it appeared to take a lot of concentration and MUCH more chanting than the simple (and usual) "Sim sim sala bim"! In "The Robot Spy", however, Hadji rather easily levitates Bandit while he sleeps - maybe it's easier with smaller objects.
  • When Race pushes a boulder down the hill, we actually see him sweating with the effort!
  • We learn that the jewel in Hadji's turban is a ruby

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • monkey on branch over jungle river (CC) (Also used in the episode "Pursuit of the Po-Ho".)

  • The map on the wall reads "Brazil"; this is the spelling used in English, but the map would likely read "Brasil" (Portuguese spelling) in the situation seen in this episode. (Reported by John Boyd)
  • There are two identical shots of an arrow hitting a log in front of Race sa he pushes a boulder down the hill. Given that the arrow strikes the log the first time, it should still be in the log a few seconds later when the next arrow hits as Race rolls another boulder, but it's not. (Reported by John Boyd) Actually this entire scene looks like it was simply "re-run" to give the effect of actions happening more than once.
  • At one point during the seige on the hill, Bandit peers from around the side of a log, (to avoid arrows coming from the front, and a single arrow hits the log, but not from the front where all the arrows had come from to that point, but from the side, 90 degrees off (viewer right, Bandit left). Race, Jonny, and Hadji do not notice this, and no further arrows come from this direction till much much later in the battle. (Submitted by Kurt Gearheart)
  • When the pygmy sneaks around under the basket, he apparently lifts it without using his hands, head or back. (Reported by John Boyd and Michael (
  • In the closing scene in the helicopter you hear everyone laughing including Jonny. But at the same time you can see that Jonny's mouth is closed. (Reported by John Clark)
  • Pygmies are NOT to be found in the Brazilian Amazon. The worlds ONLY pygmies are in the African Congo region. Zaire, Cameroon, etc. (And just for the record, they're nice as heck, and very shy, and traditionally picked on by normal sized tribal people.) (Submitted by Kurt Gearheart)
  • The "worship of airplane" cults do (did) exist, however, they are (or were) located in a few small Melanesian islands around New Caledonia. A result of Allied forces dropping massive shipments of supplies to troops during WWII, some pallets of which were accidentally found by the local primitives and attributed to the Gods being pleased. Again, no such thing in the Brazilian Amazon. (Submitted by Kurt Gearheart)
  • When the undercover pygmy knocks the spear next to the fire, it catches flame, eventually giving a sleeping native a very hot left foot. The native obviously screams in pain, as he dances around with his LEFT foot in the air. Meanwhile, Race and the kids (and Bandit, we assume!) run to safety, and in the next scene, we see the poor pygmy sitting on the ground nursing his enflamed RIGHT foot! (Submitted by William Halverson)
  • Just after the pygmies capture our heros near the beginning of the episode, the chief pygmy uses his spear to prod Race to walk. But as he does this, we see a shifting of the white prongs on the spear. In the earlier medium-distance shot, the two prongs point toward the pygmy, but in the immediately following close-up, they point toward the tip of the spear. We don't actually see the person holding the spear in the close-up, but since the head pygmy was closest to Race, it should be his spear in both cases. (Reported by Psyche78 on the forum)
  • Additionally, after the group starts walking through the jungle, we see that the chief pygmy's spear has now changed so that the prongs point toward the tip (the opposite of their previous orientation when we actually last saw the chief holding his spear). Unless the chief changed spears (which seems very unlikely) this appears to be another flub.

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

Link to some episode cel images

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