Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest DVD Audio Deficiencies
By Craig Fuqua
© 2004

The set of "Jonny Quest" stories released by Warner Entertainment has a lot to recommend it. Although this list concentrates on the negative aspects of the set, it is not intended to discourage people from buying the disks. Nor should it serve as justification for illegally copying the disks. In short: Buy the legitimate DVDs!

That said, here are the most noticeable DVD deficiencies:

  • Series creator Doug Wildey is not credited on 25 of the 26 episodes because the end credits for "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" are used on all the stories except "Double Danger." For reasons unknown, Wildey never received a credit on "Po-Ho." Original Credits for All 26 Stories
  • The end credits on the DVD copy of "Double Danger" are actually from "The Curse of Anubis."
  • Dialog from "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" and "Monster in the Monastery" was intentionally removed from the DVD set. DVD Audio Deficienciencies
  • The "art card" showing the series title, "Jonny Quest," isn't used. The "Jonny Quest" Art Card
  • The opening credits, aka main titles, are a hybrid of the two versions of the main credits used during the show's original run on ABC. Versions of the Main Titles

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