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The Monster Episode(s) Comments

the Mummy of Anubis
The Curse of Anubis The mummy of Anubis was set free when priceless Egyptian artifacts were stolen from their resting place. Seeking the one who desecrated his tomb, the mummy slowly, but deliberately, made its way through the desert, finally catching his prey in the catacombs under the desert floor where Ahmed had intended to trap and kill Dr. Quest. When the roof of the catacombs collapsed, both mummy and his prey were destroyed.

the Ashida Dragons
Dragons of Ashida Dr. Ashida turned an iguana-sized lizard into these huge "dragons" and named them after himself. When the normally docile lizards were turned into dragons, they also became fiercely aggressive. Dr. Ashida often pitted one dragon against another in staged fights. He also used them as trained "watchdogs", using them to keep island natives (and later, the Quests) prisoner on his island. Unfortunately for Dr. Ashida, these creatures also became the means of his demise when his assistant, Sumi, threw the deranged scientist into their pit.

Turu the Pteranodon
Turu the Terrible A remnant from the Cretaceous, this large pteranodon (a kind of pterodactyl, or flying reptile) was trained by a white slaver named Deen to swoop down upon natives and bring them back to Deen's mineral mine atop a large plateau in the jungles of South America, where he used the natives as forced labor to mine what he thought was silver. Although much larger than its master, Turu was fiercely loyal to Deen and wanted only to please his mad trainer. When sent to kill Dr. Quest and Race Bannon, however, he proved to be no match for modern weaponry, and died (along with Deen) in a tar pit.

the Invisible Monster
The Invisible Monster A creature of pure electrical energy, it was brought to life by Dr. Isaiah Norman in an experiment gone horribly wrong. Forced to consume other sources of electricity (including human beings) to survive, the only traces it left were mysterious footprints and destroyed vegetation. Truly invisible until rendered visible by being doused with paint, this creature gave an eerie cry when on the prowl. It also had a single huge eye, and tremendous mouth, and a singleness of purpose that ultimately led it to its own destruction when Dr. Quest was able to reverse the process by which it was created, and destroy it.

Giant Crab

Giant Spider

Giant Lizard
Terror Island These enlarged versions of ordinary creatures were the product of Chu Sing Ling's mad experiments, which produced not only these creatures in a controlled enviroment in Chu Sing Ling's lab, but also in the swamps and forests of Moy Tu island. A tremendously enlarged lizard also ended up bringing about the mad scientist's demise.

the Yeti
Monster in the Monastery Although the monsters in the monastery turned out to be evil men trying to take over the village and countryside by wearing fake yeti costumes to instill fear and terror in the local villagers, these evil men ended up being destroyed by the real version of the yeti. Apparently the yeti did not appreciate all the gunfire, explosions, etc. that the fake yeti were terrorizing the villagers with, and took appropriate action. Or maybe they were just protecting their own territory from outsiders -- we'll never know for certain.

the Deep-Sea Monster
The Sea Haunt Normally a denizen of the deep ocean, this reptilian creature for some reason approached the surface to cause havoc and mayhem aboard a freighter. Being a creature of the depths, bright lights and fire were found to be effective deterents against the creatures rampages, eventually driving it off the ship and back to its home in the deep, dark waters of the sea. Dr. Quest thought it looked like a cross between a manticore and a hippocampus, two mythical beasts.

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