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Palm Key
Although Palm Key remained "home" through-out the series, not every episode had scenes that took place there.

Episodes where we did see bits of Palm Key (however brief) were:
  • Mystery of the Lizard Men
  • Curse of Anubis
  • Pursuit of the Po-Ho
  • Riddle of the Gold
  • Calcutta Adventure
  • Double Danger
  • Pirates from Below
  • The Invisible Monster
Dr. Quest's home. Although not stated specifically, this small island is thought to be somewhere off the western coast of Florida, still in US-protected waters. Small islands such as these are numerous near Florida, and are traditionally called "keys" (ex: Key West, Key Largo, etc.); the environment has a tropical climate, with palm trees and abundant sandy beaches. Although fictionalized for the show as the residence and home base of the Quests, there is an actual Palm Key island. On Palm Key (in the show, not in real life) are several multi-storied buildings with flat roofs; at least one of these buildings serves as Dr. Quest's lab. Presumably others are living quarters and supporting facilities. There is an airstrip on the island, with associated hangars; presumably boat docks are present as well, since Dr. Quest seems to have an oceanic research vessel (the Sea Quest) and hydrofoil as well as at least two planes.

In the brief glimpses we get of the interior of Palm Key, we can see a modern (for the 1960s) living space with somewhat minimalist furniture, simple but tasteful decorations, open ceilings with wood beams as well as traditionally-plastered ceilings, brightly-painted walls, brick accents, and large windows.

NOTE: Given that Palm Key is home, it will not be called out in a separate entry in those episodes where it appears.

unidentified islands surrounding Palm Key
The Mystery of the Lizard Men While Palm Key is identified by name, as seen in The Mystery of the Lizard Men there are at least a few islands in the area that were used somewhat unofficially by the team. An example can be seen in the episode in which Race, Jonny, and Bandit are "studying" on such an island when the call comes in from Dr. Quest for them to return to Palm Key, which they do by means of a hydrofoil boat and skis.

The Sargasso Sea
The Mystery of the Lizard Men The Sargasso Sea is an immense area off the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas in the North Atlantic. The visibility of the "man to the moon" launch, presumably from Cape Canaveral in Florida, suggests a locale in the southwestern portion of this area. While somewhat fictionalized in the episode as a vast ship graveyard in which ships remain mired and covered with seaweed (the "sargassum" which gives the sea its name), this location is an actual place, well-known to navigators from many years, and a popular location for mystery-themed books and media. However, there really isn't a ship graveyard there (I said it was somewhat fictionalized, didn't I?).

"Man in the Moon" launch facility
The Mystery of the Lizard Men Although not identified by name in the episode, the location certainly suggests the launch facility is Cape Canaveral (later the Kennedy Space Center) located near Titusville, on the east coast of Florida.

Somewhere in the Arctic Ocean, presumably north of Alaska and Canada.
Arctic Splashdown The Quests arrived at the site mainly via an icebreaker ship. The rocket crashed into the ice pack, and was completely surrounded by water.

Somewhere in the lower United States, probably Florida
Arctic Splashdown Dr. Quest consults with a fellow scientist regarding what happened to the rocket with his new guidance system on it. This base's location appears not to be in an arctic locale, based on the rounded hills surrounding it that do not have any visible snow cover. Given that Dr. Quest seems to have driven to the lab in a car (presumably his own), we theorize that this lab is located somewhere near Palm Key and thus likely in southern Florida. NOTE: This is apparently the same lab (and the same scientist...and the same car) seen in the episode Double Danger.

Arctic air force base, possibly in Alaska
Arctic Splashdown Dr. Quest and the rest of the expedition leave a northern base on a ship with air support. The planes take off from a military base which looks to be in a mountainous region with snow covering the ground and at least some of the nearby peaks.

Washington, D.C. airport
The Curse of Anubis This is the airport (unnamed and unseen) from which the team left the United States and headed toward Egypt. Race picked up a newspaper there and found the article about the theft of the status of Anubis.

Egyptian airport, presumably near Cairo
The Curse of Anubis This is the airport (unnamed but seen) where Dr. Kareem picks up our heroes and decries his outrage at the theft of the status of Anubis. In the newspaper article race showed Dr. Quest, the location they were headed to was referred to as the UAR, or the United Arab Republic, a political union between Egypt (including the Gaza Strip) and Syria. After Syria seceded from the union in 1961, Egypt continued to be officially referred to as this entity until 1971.

Giza, Egypt
The Curse of Anubis The original temple of Anubis was located in the real Egyptian location of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo and famous for being near pyramids and other ancient monuments. The temple's restoration is apparently an official Egyptian government project. According to the scene panning at the start of the episode, this temple of Anubis is very near the Sphinx and another large pyramid, which, based on maps of the Giza Plateau, could either be the pyramid of Khafre or the pyramid of Khufu, depending on the angle of view being portrayed.

"the fabled ruins of Ghiva" (somewhere in the Middle East: Egypt? Syria? Libya? Sinai peninsula?)
The Curse of Anubis "Across the border" from the original temple of Anubis at Giza (according to the dialogue from early in the episode). A review of maps of the area do not show any obvious nearby borders, although it may have been referring to a regional or local territorial border which is not shown on most maps. It may also have been referring to a location in Syria which was part of the UAR at the time. Or even possibly Libya, Egypt's neighbor to the west, although Dr. Quest's reference to the border seemingly indicates it was relatively close by, making the Sinai peninsula another likely candidate. According to Dr. Kareem, "in the Middle East, borders are fluid affairs". Tellingly, upon questioning by Dr. Quest, Dr. Kareem reveals that this is an unsanctioned excavation which he has undertaken without permission outside of his jurisdiction. "Ghiva", although similar-sounding to Giza, is a different location altogether, and is probably a fictional location.

El Khabir
The Curse of Anubis This is an inn in the oasis of the same name and the overnight stopover place where the Quests spent the night after arriving in Egypt and before heading out to the scene of the purported antiquities theft. This ia another fictionalized location; one meaning of the apparently-related name al-Khabir in Arabic is reported as follows: "From the root kh-b-r which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to know, or be aware of the real inner nature of something" -- an interesting choice, since it soon becomes clear that the team needs to become more aware of the true situation than what they have been told up to this point. Also, it is the place where they encounter a desert scorpion in their room, encouraging them to become more aware of the possible dangers they face in this foreign land. Finally, a similar-sounding word in Turkish is "kabir", which means "tomb". Now that sounds ominous!

South America, possibly western Brazil
Pursuit of the Po-Ho In the Amazonian rain forest Drs. Dreena and Emil Hartman operate "Oderati Station Number One" a small research outpost in a cleared spot in the midst of the jungle. While jungles all over the world can look very similar, the native Po-Ho residents of this vast habitat seem to belong to a group similar to what can be found through-out the Amazonian back-country. Since the country of Brazil covers much of this territory, it seems likely to be the setting for this episode, with the western part of Brazil being the more mountainous region as the jungle laps up against the foothills of the Andes.

northern India, Jahilipur province
The Riddle of the Gold Being able to see Mt. Everest from the train suggests this episode takes place in north-central India, near the Nepalese border. On the map, Race points to a spot in north-central India. Corbin, at Intelligence One offices, indicates a spot in east-central India for a mine that was tapped out of its gold deposits for over 50 years. Regardless, &Jahilipur" is a fictional name, possibly based on the name of a small village named Jahalipur in north-central India, in the Uttar Pradesh district. It may also be possibly based on the name Jamalpur, a city in northeast India. Oddly, the name is pronounced "Galipur" (hard G sound without the second syllable removed) by Corbin and Race, although the spelling on the DVD subtitles still matches the sign near the start of the episode.

unnamed airport in the U.S. (possibly in Washington, D.C.)

although it more likely may have been LAX
The Riddle of the Gold This is the airport, which looks very modern, that the Quests used at the beginning of their trip to India. It also appears to be rather extensive in size (looking at the buildings in the background) although this time they did not take an SST-type plane but rather a more conventional airliner.

Although it is still possible that the airport was intended to be the Washington D.C. airport by the writers, information recently received (Thanks, Eric Sanburg!) indicates it may have been the Los Angeles (now LAX) airport instead. Eric (with minor edits by LPB) writes:

I think an update is needed on your List of Places - "unnamed airport in the U.S. (possibly in Washington, D.C.)" for the departure airport in the episode Riddle of the Gold. I think the evidence, as presented in the show, does identify this airport as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) not Washington.
Hadji and Jonny arrive, prior to boarding the commercial airliner to India, carrying Dr. Quest's heavy camera equipment. The "Theme Building" located at LAX is clearly seen in the distance behind Hadji’s left shoulder (see second image at left). Built in 1960-61, the Theme Building is only located at LAX, no other airport has this iconic structure.
The Theme Building's unique style of architecture, popular in the 1950s and 60s, is called Populuxe or Googie architecture. It is also the predominate architectural style Hanna-Barbera used in The Jetsons animated sitcom.
As incongruent as it may seem for the Quest team to come from Palm Key to Los Angeles instead of Washington, D.C., it is quite possible that LAX was the only U.S. airport, at the time, to offer a direct flight to India.

A rather large airport in India, exact location unnamed.
The Riddle of the Gold This is the airport, which is bordered by numerous domed and traditionally-styled buildings, where the team makes landfall in India after their long (overnight) flight.

southern Mexico or northern Central America
Treasure of the Temple The temple was possibly of Mayan origin, appearing to be constructed in the Mayan architectural plan with "step" pyramids and intricate carvings. The Maya civilization encompassed southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador. The region consists of the lowlands of the Yucatán Peninsula, and the highlands of the Sierra Madre. Dr. Quest called the lost city by the name of Malatan, which appears to be a fictional name, possibly a conflation of the names Guatemala and Yucatan.
Perkins also mentioned being concerned about arousing the police force "down in the capital" but the reference was very vague and offered no clues as to which capital he was referring to.

Calcutta, India
Calcutta Adventure Calcutta University was where Dr. Quest was lecturing regarding his sonic device, while Race, Jonny and Bandit explored the city (and eventually encountered Hadji).

Manhattan, New York, USA
Calcutta Adventure OK, so this was only a model of a real city, and it (the model, I mean) was destroyed as part of Dr. Quest's demonstration, but I think it still counts as a location reference.

Bharat, India
Calcutta Adventure Supposedly a village in the mountains of India, where sheepherders have been reporting a mysterious ailment, with symptoms indicating the use of nerve gas. After the team has been on the road for some time, Hadji reported it was still about two hours away. later, flying in Pasha's helicopter, Pasha states Bharat sits "way up on top of a mountain, and it's cold, pops."
Bharat is actually a modernization of the term Bharatavarsha, which comes from the traditional term referring to the Indian subcontinent.

Arizona (near Phoenix)
The Robot Spy Doing research for the US government, there are probably labs scattered all around the US that are available for use by DR. Quest. This one (with its own airstrip) seems to be in the southwestern US; the countryside next to the lab has cactus and dunes with jackrabbits. (Thanks to Matthew Baugh, who wrote: ...saguaro cactus is seen around the area and that is found mostly in Arizona with a little in northern Mexico and the extreme southeast of California. I would suggest south of Phoenix which would have been the only city of any real size in Arizona in the 1960's.)

an air base near the southwestern US coastline
The Robot Spy As the saucer approaches the US coast, it is picked up on radar as a "U.F.O." and fighter jets are scrambled to intercept it.

Pacific Ocean, southwestern US coast with large city (possibly San Diego, California), inland southwest US (California and Arizona)
The Robot Spy As Dr. Zin's robot spy transport vehicle approaches the lab where DR. Quest is working on the para-power ray apparatus, we see it traversing a stretch of the Pacific Ocean, crossing the US coastline near a coastal large city, and continue traveling for some time before it reaches its destination. Matthew Baugh writes: After the fighter incident [over the Pacific Ocean - LPB] there is a dissolve, the next we see the vessel it is passing the coastal city...another disolve takes us to a hilly area where there are a series of large power relays...still another dissolve takes to a lone motorist on a desert road. There are trees in the scene but still no cacti. The final dissolve takes us to the Quest Lab. The impression I got from all these scene changes was that we were following the craft for a period of some time, probably several hours, as it made its overland journey. Several hours would be more than sufficient to take it from San Diego to southern Arizona.

Dr. Zin's castle
The Robot Spy Of course, if you have a robot spy, you need to control it from somewhere. That somewhere appears to be a castle, located in a stark mountainous region, but that's about all we know of its location. Personally I think it is somewhere in the Mysterious Orient, The East, a.k.a. the continent of Asia. A pretty big area, sure, but fitting for the adversary of our all-American heroes. (And Mordor was taken.)

north-western Thailand, near Chiang Mai
Double Danger Chiang Mai, in the mountainous region of northwest Thailand, is where Zin told Korchek he was to join the Quest party, and is home to many Buddhist temnples. Also, supposedly hidden nearby in the jungle (just a short but harrowing journey by jeep away) is a large Buddha or "Enlightened One".

lab, presumably in Florida
Double Danger Dr. Quest again consults with a fellow scientist at a lab which is thought to be near to Palm Key (since Dr. Quest drove there) which would place it somewhere in southern Florida. NOTE: This is appears to be the same lab (and the same scientist...and the same car) seen in the episode Arctic Splashdown.

South America, somewhere in the Andes mountain range, probably in Bolivia
Shadow of the Condor From the Baron's castle, Race was going to fly one of the baron's planes to La Paz which is in Bolivia (Thanks to John Naureckas); see also these thoughts sent by Frederico Garcia from Brazil which suggest additional reasons why the location most likely would have been in Bolivia rather than Argentina or Chile.
San Martin Shadow of the Condor Race's comment near the start of the episode indicates that San Martin was the starting point for their journey to Chile. There are numerous places with the name San Martin in South America, so this is a bit ambiguous on the face of it. However, even considering the intended destination is Chile, and they wind up landing in a remote area of Bolivia, there are far too many places named San Martin to place it definitively.
La Paz, Bolivia Shadow of the Condor La Paz, Bolivia appears to be the closest place to get the parts needed for the Dragonfly.

Marienburg (Bolivia and Germany)
Shadow of the Condor The baron's "humble castle in the Andes", named after his family's castle on the Rhine in Germany. There are actually a number of real Marienburg castles to be found in Germany, but only one, Schloss Marienburg in the Leutesdorf area of Germany can indeed be considered "on the Rhine&uqot;.

somewhere in the Caribbean, near the Bahamas
Skull and Double-Crossbones The presence of 17th century Spanish shipwrecks as well as British naval vessels serving as the local coast guard seem to indicate a Caribbean location, likely close to the Bahamas. Also, the working title of the episode was "Bahama Treasure", which nails down the location pretty well.

Tonego, an island in the Caribbean
The Dreadful Doll The presence of voodoo strongly suggests a Caribbean locale. The name appears to be a morph of Tobago, part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Lesser Antilles, in the Windward Islands sub-group, just off the coast of Venezuela. Tobago is primarily mountainous (and of volcanic origin) which matches the image we see of the island as Sr. Lor's foreman brings Dr. Quest to the island.

off the coast of an unnamed island in the Caribbean
The Dreadful Doll The Quest ship is positioned off the shore of a tropical island while Dr. Quest performs some sonic studies of local sealife. It is close by Tonego, but far enough away that a motorboat is required to run at top speed to reach them when an emergency strikes. It also just happens to be harboring a hidden submarine base within scuba-diving distance of the Quest's anchorage.

Brazil, South America
A Small Matter of Pygmies Somewhere in the jungle in the southeast portion of Brazil. According to the area of the map indicated by Dr. Quest, the location appears to be on a line perpendicular to a line running between São Paolo and Rio De Janeiro, and roughly two-and-a-half times the distance between São Paolo and Rio De Janeiro, or about 850 kilometers northward, deep in the Brazilian interior. (Interestingly, this is a relatively short distance from the city of Brasilia, which was founded in 1960 and does not appear on the map Dr. Quest and Sr. Encino are referencing.) In the episode itself, Race says they were only about 40 miles from Dr. Quest's laboratory before they crashed. After the crash, they were going to follow the river and head for the coast, which seemed to indicate they were actually nearer to civilization (and rescue) than Dr. Quest feared them to be. Then again, Dr. Quest may just have been indicating "pygmy territory" in general, and not the specific point he expected to find Race and the boys.

An interesting side note: Near the end of the episode, Race hands Dr. Quest a letter which is from the African Geological Society inviting him to take part in a round-table discussion on whether or not pygmies are a warm and friendly people. This is an oddity in that the episode takes place in Brazil, not Africa.

an island, likely off the coast of Japan
Dragons of Ashida The island (entirely fictional) is perhaps somewhere in the archipelago stretching southward from Japan past Korea and toward Taiwan; it is covered with tropical jungles, and has large mountains with caves, and a very steep shoreline (from what we saw in the episode). The few buildings we saw on the island seem to be culturally related to Japan in design. It is probable that some of the land we saw as the Quests approached the island were neighboring islands (some of them apparently much larger than Ashida island); but even so, the island itself seems to be quite large and if truly owned by Dr. Ashida speaks to some significant wealth. Cultural and architectural cues, as well as the apparent racial makeup of both "natives" and Dr. Ashida, indicate the location is in the Orient, and probably near to Japan.

a remote escarpment somewhere in the western Amazon basin
Turu the Terrible There is a jungle setting with large mountains nearby, with a local Indian population, suggesting the upper Amazon river basin, near the western side of South America, most likely in Peru or western Brazil, although Colombia, Bolivia or even eastern Equador are possibilities. An additional clue is the name of the boat that is chartered, the "Amazon Queen". Turu and its keeper live on top of a large escarpment along with a group of captured Indians; there is quite a developed village up there, with numerous thatched huts and even a few stone buildings, and a large metal grate embedded into a cave entrance.

Bahiti, South Pacific
The Fraudulent Volcano The presence of volcanic activity suggests some place along the Pacific Ocean's "ring of fire". Mount Tahawa was mentioned as the volcano's name, and Race called the island Bahiti as they flew in to meet with the local governor. "Bahiti" is not recognized as a real place, despite careful searching; it is supposed that the name is a take-off of the island of Tahiti, probably meant to give a sense of its supposed location in or near Franch Polynesia. Mount Tahawa is not locatable, either, but there is a place name called Tahawa in Indonesia. From overhead, Bahiti appears to be a very desolate place, mostly volcanic rock and rough country, with almost no vegetation.
undiclosed location The Fraudulent Volcano Test site for Dr. Quest's "firebomb" is at an oil rig. Presumably this is in the United States and perhaps close to Palm Key, although it could be as distant as the oil fields of Texas or a similar location in the States. However, the governor of Bahiti was able to call Dr. Quest about using the firebomb almost immediately after its test (and how did he know Dr. Quest could be reached at the oil rig site?), so perhaps the location was actually somewhere closer to Bahiti in the South Pacific, perhaps Australia?

Werewolf of the Timberland The French-Canadian dialects suggest Quebec; the presence of a native American suggests somewhere a bit further west, perhaps Saskatchewan or Alberta, although we should be cautious about narrowing down the location too specifically from these clues. Dr. Quest mentioned the Ottawa government (Ottawa is Canada's capital) as the ones who requested his presence, and a later statement indicates they are on government property. Local references include "Algonquin Hill" but that could be fictionalized rather than an actual place name. There is a place called Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario not too distant from Ottawa which might fit the description of the "government land" Dr. Quest mentioned.

initially near Palm Key, then somewhere nearby in the Caribbean or Atlantic
Pirates from Below Dr. Quest was testing the underwater prober just off Palm Key's shores, and the submarine crew tasked with stealing the prober presumably knew they were encroaching in U.S. waters as they observed the test. Their secret base, presumably fairly close by (the prober wasn't an especially fast vehicle, after all), had at least an underwater and a sea-level exit, and was likely located just outside U.S. territorial waters. Based on the sea-level exit image showing rocky cliffs and the large extent of the submarine base which had multiple exits, the island must have been significant in size. Nothing of that size is known in the area, so it was probably a purely fictional location, and not based on any real place.

somewhere on the coast of Africa, perhaps near Cape Town, South Africa
Attack of the Tree People The presence of anthropoid apes and a dense jungle bear a strong resemblance to the place where Tarzan spent his formative years, somewhere along the west coast of Africa. Although islands are mentioned several times, it appears that these are either very large islands or they were actually nearer to the mainland shore than suspected. Regardless, there is a very extensive jungle in the area, with very tall trees, and even a mountain or two with cliffs and caves nearby. A place called Umphiti (location of the authorities) was also mentioned, although that appears to be a completely fictional location. Apparently there is an airport nearby as that is the meeting place for getting the agreed-upon ransom money. The name Umphiti does occur in internet searches, not as an actual place name but mostly as the name of a backpacking tour outfit based in South Africa. The west coast of South Africa near Cape Town is sometimes referred to as "Shipwreck Coast" which seems appropriate for the episode.

Cave Island, a remote tropical island, probably in the Atlantic
The Invisible Monster Cave Island (the fictional island) was no tiny islet; when the Quests approached in their plane, at first all they could see was the western tip; they flew a little while further to reach the eastern end where Dr. Norman's lab was located. Flying over the island, they saw mountains and quite a bit of jungle. In some of the scenes of the island, near the beginning of the episode and when the Quests approach in their plane, we see a number of the neighboring islands in the background; some of them look to be volcanic in origin and rather large as well. Cave Island was probably also volcanic in nature.

There is a real Cave Island, part of the Meade Islands group in the South Shetlands near Antarctica. It is of sufficient size, and is marked by a large cavern on its south side but does not appear to be at all tropical in nature. But maybe it served as the inspiration for the island seen in the episode.

The island was apparently inhabited by a small native population, enough for several villages. The natives appeared to have an ancestry other than African; the one we saw looked Polynesian or perhaps Asian, which suggest a Pacific location.

But most clues hints at an Atlantic locale instead of a Pacific one: First, the Quests left from Florida and presumably flew straight to the island, arriving over the western tip of the island first. That is, they approached from the west or northwest (they were flying east or southeast), and both the Pacific and Indian Oceans would probably be too far away if flying in this direction. So the most likely location would appear to be somewhere in the southern Atlantic ocean. A second clue is that Jonny and Hadji slept throughout most of the trip, waking up near dawn. If flying westerly, the "night" would be very long, much longer than would seem reasonable, since they would be following the sun. Flying eastward would make the night much shorter, possibly just a few hours (they are flying to meet the dawn rather than fleeing before it). This seems a much likelier situation, and also points to an Atlantic Ocean destination.

Why "Cave Island"? Take a look at the location of Dr. Norman's facility (2nd image, above); it's sitting atop the entrance to a huge cave entrance on the shore below! Seems a prime candidate for one of those secret bases they are always encountering. I wonder what else can be learned about the place? (NOTE: A similar cavern on the south shore of the *real* Cave Island (see above) was the reason for giving that island its name.)

southern Africa
The Devil's Tower The landscape appears to be mostly savanna, with the Devil's Escarpment apparently an ancient volcanic formation (hence the presence of diamonds); the presence of these gems suggests a locale in or near South Africa.
The Devil's Tower The place, apparently nearby, that Dr. Quest suggested to Race as a place to rent a plane. The name appears to be entirely fictional, and is constructed from a Swahili word meaning "vault" and the German word for "'train". The Swahili-based part of the name suggests the location as being near what is commonly called "the Swahili coast" where the Swahili peoples traditionally have lived. This is the littoral areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and northern Mozambique.
The Devil's Tower A real place, where Dr. Quest spent some time after World War II, working with the Allied War Crimes Commission.

China or Taiwan
The Quetong Missile Mystery This location was apparently near the seacoast, as the Quests were originally aboard a ship. The city itself appears to be a rather modern harbor, but the name is fictional. It borders on a swampy area with many lakes (known locally as the "Swamp Lakes of Quetong") but is also surrounded by mountains. It is not known if the intended location was China or Taiwan; the location was generically referred to as "The Orient" in the episode. Both locations support the type of geological landforms seen in the episode, including mountains and lakes.

The House of Seven Gargoyles Somewhere along the deepest, narrowest fjord in Norway, near the Strondheim glacier. Most of the episode's action takes place in Raklev Castle castle near the fjord, in the castles private cemetery, and along the fjord and (unfortunately for some) underneath the glacier's overhang. The Strondheim glacier is apparently a fictitiously-named feature, perhaps suggested by the name Trondheim, a city in central Norway, sited along the Trondheim fjord. A nearby museum houses archeological findings and sculptures, including gargoyles removed from a nearby 11th century Gothic cathedral. The catherdral may be the inspiration for Raklev Castle.

Hong Kong
Terror Island Hong Kong is a real place, at the time of this episode being leased by the British government. It transferred backk to China in 1997. Moy Tu island (fictional) had an elaborate laboratory and power station, and was mentioned as being located south of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong area does encompass over 200 islands, but one named Moy Tu could not currently be found among them. Perhaps it changed its name after the incident involving Dr. Chu Sing Ling?

Khumjung, Nepal
Monster in the Monastery A small (real) village in the Himalayas of northeastern Nepal, near Mt. Everest, and situated at an elevation of 3790 meters above sea level. The village of Khumjung is very remote, with almost no modern conveniences and is comprised mostly of Sherpa and Gurung ethnicity, and the monastery there has what is claimed to be part of a yeti scalp.

the Java Sea
The Sea Haunt The last known position of the Star of Borneo was in the Java Sea, 200 miles due north of the Lingga archipelago. The Java Sea (real) lies between the Indonesian islands of Borneo to the north, Java to the south, Sumatra to the west, and Sulawesi to the east.
Singapore, Malaysia The Sea Haunt Visited by the Quests just prior to discovery of the Star of Borneo. It is a real island city-state off southern Malaysia, and has a tropical climate. It is Hadji's favorite city. (Or maybe it's just his favorite from their current trip.)
Sumatra, Indonesia The Sea Haunt (Real) Mentioned by Dr. Quest as the location next visible on their trip. Sumatra is a large island in western Indonesia. It is the largest island that is located entirely in Indonesia and the sixth-largest island in the world.
Lingga Archipelago, Indonesia The Sea Haunt (Real) A group of islands in the South China Sea, between the island of Sumatra and the Malacca Peninsula. They are claimed as part of Indonesia, and are also referred to as the Riau Archipelago. Lingga Island is located in the Lingga Group of the Riau Archipelago northeast of Sumatra and south of Singapore.
Batavia The Sea Haunt (Real) The primary city on the island of Java, capital of Indonesia (formerly the Dutch East Indies) and the destination of the Quest team. It is actually an obsolete name, having been renamed to Jakarta in 1945, although it is still somewhat in use today as the name for the old city within the confines of the modern Jakarta.

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