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Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Update History for the Year 2016

Nov. 1, 2016
Sep. 30, 2016
Jul. 31, 2016
Feb. 29, 2016
  • Added lots of new content to the P.F. Flyers page, including embedded videos of two P.F. Magic Ring commercials and new pictures of two advertising banners featuring Jonny Quest. There's also an interactive picture of an in-store counter display that lets you turn the back-light off an on, and new sections on P.F. Magic Shoes comicbooks and a B.F. Goodrich catalog featuring Jonny Quest advertising materials. We also removed some lower-quality pictures and made others larger, plus we incorporated scans of the P.F. Magic Ring instruction card from a separate page.
  • With the P.F. Flyers page, we redesigned these pages to make them mobile-friendly: The Miscellaneous Items index, the transcripts of the "20,000 Leagues" LP and 45, the T-Shirt page, the Wearable Items index, the Mexican Sticker Albums page, the Pic-A-Nic Basket CD page and the Quest Laboratories Items page,
Jan. 31, 2016
Jan. 02, 2016

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